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DGS Main Event Underrated Pro Wrestler of the Year – Cesaro

Cesaro (PWMania)

Cesaro (PWMania)

I’m going to start off by saying that I enjoy every match Cesaro is a part of. I honestly think a lot of people do. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a follow-up for him after these great matches. For years, the thought around the wrestling community has been that Cesaro deserves better. In 2016, Cesaro proved those people were right.

That is one of the many reasons why Cesaro has won the 2016 DGS Main Event Award for Underrated Wrestler of the Year.

Cesaro has won the Wrestler Observer Newsletter award for “Most Underrated” for three straight years. He could very well be closing in on a fourth reign. He has the look that WWE wants in a pro wrestler and he connects with the European fan base/every WWE fan. His promo work could be better, but he makes up for it when he enters the ring. Whenever he is added into a match, you just know you are going to watch something special happen.

2016 was an interesting year for the Swiss Superman. Not getting many PPV opportunities, Cesaro was able to compete in some title matches later in the year (Intercontinental, number one contender etc). When the WWE Draft ended, he was picked very late, and seemed to show an emotion one would assume would be off script. He discussed how upset he was with the lack of wrestling in favor of more drama-filled storyline’s, which many fans can agree on. It was a passionate promo that was as real as it could get.


The rest of the year played out as you now know: He faced Sheamus in a best of seven series (which were all great matches), he formed a tag team with the Irishman and just recently won the WWE Tag Team Titles from The New Day. I can’t help but think that he could have been doing much better if management let him run with his own title. I know WWE owns both brands, but SmackDown Live seems to give their talent more opportunity to shine, something GM Daniel Bryan has been preaching for months to Cesaro. He could have a great run as a tag team champion, but a singles title will always be his main goal.

This year’s Underrated Wrestler of the Year has all the tools to be a Wrestler of the Year, he just needs that one push (a legit push by creative) to get to the Promised Land.

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