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Double G Sports Girls – Jackie

Today’s Double G Sports Girls introduction belongs to Jackie. You will come to realize that this young woman who is just starting out in modeling, is a passionate sports fan. Jackie is particularly passionate about her favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, I know, this is a New York/New Jersey sports website, but let’s take it easy on her.

In case you missed the girls which were already introduced, you can see them all on our Double G Sports Girls page. We now introduce to you…Jackie…


How did you get started in modeling?

 I’m new to the modeling world.

So the Double G Sports Girls shoot was your first modeling experience, how was it?

The Double G Sports shoot was my first and deinitely memorable. The girls were great to be around and it was a lot of fun!

Being in shape is a major in the entertaining business. Do you work out?

I hate to run, but am obsessed with ab work outs!

Double G Sports

Do you have any favorite sports teams or players?

I LOVE the Philadelphia Eagles and miss Bryan Westbrook dearly. I’m a major football fan, but like to watch a little of everything.

If Double G Sports had you run an event for them, what would you plan?

If Double G Sports had me run an event for them, I would probably aim towards an outside meet and greet with the girls and a few of the areas players.

Fun/Random Questions

If you could play any sport professionally, what would it be? For what team? What position would you play?

It would definitely be football. I would be the quarterback for the Eagles.

How would you change sports to make it more entertaining?

I would try to create more fan/player interaction and add in more entertainment as far as half time shows, ect.

What are your hobbies?

I’m an outdoorsy kind of girl. My spare time is spent on the water and out late with my girlfriends. I’ve always enjoyed dance as well, and love to have a good time in everything I do.

First Kiss:

On the storybook carpet in preschool! haha

What is the best date you’ve ever been on?

The best date I ever went on was to a UFC fight in Boston. It was an upbeat type of event and winded up being tons of fun.

What do you look for in a guy?

Hmm, if I only knew the answer to that question!

What dating advice would you give Double G Sports readers?

I always try to go in with an open mind. I think it’s important that you have fun with the person you date. And most importantly, never let them see you cry!

Who is your biggest athlete crush? Celebrity?

Tom Brady…we may get married!

If you found $20 in your pocket, what would you spend it on?

Food! I eat like a boy.

Favorite Holiday?


Favorite Movie?

The Hangover

Favorite Food?


What is your biggest fear?

Being kidnapped by a killer; I’m a little crazy.

What makes a woman sexy?

Her independence and strength.

Where is one place you’ve always wanted to travel?


What is one thing you can’t live without?

My friends.

Biggest pet peeve?

When people drive ten miles per hour.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I see myself in my own home, with a career in the marketing field, and happy.

What should every guy in the world know about you?

I’m kind of a handful.

How do you blow off steam?

I drive…fast.

What’s your go-to BBQ food?

I’m a burger kind of girl.

What is the most played song on your iPod?

Probably Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard

What song immediately gets you up on the dance floor?

Yeah by Usher

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