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Double G Sports Q&A with GuardLab: The innovators of mouthguards

Interviewing the GuardLab staff (GuardLab)

Interviewing the GuardLab staff (GuardLab)

As sports are evolving, so is the protection the athletes use on a daily basis. World-changing technology has helped make the lives of athletes more comfortable. At GuardLab, it’s all about giving the customer the ultimate experience. GuardLab utilizes 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to provide athletes with the best fit and protection. The best part is the true caring nature of the company. That is one of the many reasons that they recently signed a contract with the UFC to provide athletes with custom mouthguards, and why MLB’s Jose Bautista is loyal to the brand.

I had the honor to interview the CEO of GuardLab, Aidan Butler. I was also able to be a part of the process, and receive my own custom mouthguard. Along with a few other members of the GuardLab team, Aidan was able to discuss the growth of the company, their mission and what the future holds for GuardLab.

Double G Sports: What makes your guard different than other mouthguards out there?

GuardLab: We use ARC (Alignment Repositioning Cushion) technology, which helps optimize your bite. It also makes it easier for you to breathe and talk. Normal guards can be bulky and cause discomfort. We customize the guards to make it stop in the back of your mouth so there is no gagging. Our guards also have space to increase airflow for the user. If you are running, your airways from your mouth to your nose are being put to good use. Accuracy is everything, and customer experience is important.

Our product can also be customized. Just like headphones and shoes, we took the same approach to make our guards specific for the person wearing them. You can put in flags, change around the color and upload your own personal image. If you check the website out, you can get whatever you want. We even have custom fangs. The mouth spray we provide can easily be used. It is the perfect way to reuse your guard. Just spray and just like that you can use the guard again. The best thing is that our product is not just for athletes. Our guards are perfect for sleep, performance and training, and we pride ourselves on that.

DGS: Explain the process of using your state of the art technology.

GL: Our 3D scanner helps create your own neuromuscular guard, one that is balanced and the right fit for your mouth. We use trio’s scanners, the best in the market today. Using well-trained dentists, our technology is quick to get you what you need. We scan your mouth using our 3D technology, and in a reasonable amount of time (about 30 minutes) the process is complete. The accuracy is undeniable; it is an easier process than going to a dentist’s office, going through a fitting, coming back, etc.

DGS: How long do the guards last? Would you need to get another scan of your mouth?

GL: We recommend getting a new guard ever year. Sometimes it can last up to two years depending if it’s treated correctly. Due to wear and tear, you need to take care of it as best as you can. The best part is that your mold is on hold (storage). There is no need to re-scan. It is a unique custom mouthguard from top to bottom.

DGS: How long has the process to make a deal with the UFC been going on for?

GL: It took about a year. We are very blessed because the UFC is a great sport to test our product on. We have a friend there, Joe Lauzon (UFC fighter) who was extremely interested in our product. The kid is tough as nails. He was our first true test run when working with the UFC. We then got to meet with the UFC medical staff face-to-face and discuss a plan. We now have a three-year deal with the UFC, and Joe is one of our ambassador’s.


DGS: What separated you from other mouthguard companies to get the deal done? Why did the UFC choose GuardLab?

GL: We had to go through many hoops in order to get the deal done. You have to consider the sport you want to go for and run into it head on. We really care about the fighters and it shows. We participate in athlete summits and talk about safety to them. Not many companies do that. To get a custom guard for the right price is great. We like to spread awareness; it’s not just a marketing campaign. They saw we truly gave a crap, which we do. If people can see you really give a crap about what you do (customer service, quality, etc.), that’s the key. I’m (we are) a big believer that every business starts with “the customer is always right”.

In regards to the deal, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products Tracey Bleczinski said in a press release:

“With the ever-changing landscape in professional sports, we’re always looking for the next cutting-edge technology and innovation to aid athletes that compete in the UFC. We are excited to partner with GuardLab as they continue to develop products that help improve the overall performance and wellness of professional athletes.”

GuardLab continued to describe what makes them unique: You’ve got to have good people around you. If we don’t love what we do, it’s going to resonate in our work. All of the work is hand-finished for you, by real people. It’s a top notch product for what we believe is a fair price. If your product is as good as it is, and that’s what you strive for, that’s a win in the end.

It appears the product is good to satisfy the interest of one of the top hitters in MLB, Jose Bautista. “Joey Bats” joined the GuardLab Advisory Board while also becoming an ambassador. In a press release, Bautista stated:

“I never knew that a mouthguard could impact training, recovery and performance. The lower guard I wear helps me get into alignment, breath better and create less tension throughout my body during movements. This is a piece of sports equipment that I believe in, and I’m looking forward to joining the GuardLab advisory board to advocate the use of mouthguards by baseball players and other athletes, whether professional or amateur.”

In regards to Bautista: Jose is a smart guy. He tried it out, and fell in love with it. The other members of the Blue Jays started wearing them last season. We have now expanded to players from the White Sox and Oakland A’s. MLB is different from the UFC and NFL, but the balance in their performance is there. It makes people think. There are guards for sleep and performance, and players don’t need tension during a big game. That’s where we come in. It’s like the Pepsi Challenge; try it and see what happens. MLB is one of the toughest sports out there, and we are trying to educate the public. What better way than with Jose. He was passionate about our product, and that’s what we love.

DGS: The company is in the US and Australia now. Why these specific areas? Is there any room for expansion?

GL: Business wise, the Australian test market is on par with the US; athletic culture and a young demographic. Sports are huge in Australia, especially contact sports. These are two huge places to start. In regards to the future, we are looking to expand to Canada and the United Kingdom. Canada has an aggressive market like the US, but it’s also easy to move around with. Same can be said with the UK.

DGS: What does the future hold for GuardLab?

GL: A goal is to be an entity in 50 sports. We are looking to get a new system soon that is even more effective. There will be more events in the future as well. We are looking to be involved in tournaments along the way. Our company is already associated with rowers, wrestling and weight lifting. There may be a future in surfing and snowboarding. Another idea would be involving yoga and palates. We are constantly innovating and pushing forward. There’s no going back now.


After being part of the process and receiving my own mouthguard, I can proudly say the future looks bright for GuardLab. If you are interested in receiving a mouthguard, or if you want to know more information about GuardLab, check out their website: httpss://

A personal mouthguard (Daniel Yanofsky)

A personal mouthguard (Daniel Yanofsky)

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