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Double G’s Flaming Hot Takes, Volume 1 : The Kristaps Porzingis Is Overrated Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Double G Flaming Hot Takes column. Every week, I’m going to give my two cents on everything trending in the world of sports and pop culture. Warning, these hot takes are flammable and may cause debates at work, the barbershop, and all social media platforms. Sorry Barstool, these takes aren’t for you.

Kristaps Porzingis is Overrated.

Yes, overrated. Porzingis, who has spent the year recovering from a torn ACL, is exactly the kind of young star teams cripple themselves trying to acquire. Nobody knows what kinda player he will be when he returns to the court and Porzingis did handle himself like a total diva the moment Carmelo Anthony left town. European big men, unless they’re Dirk Nowitzki don’t last long in the NBA. While his scoring has gone up each season, his availability hasn’t. The face of your franchise shouldn’t be a frail 7 footer, whose game isn’t built to handle New York. Never forget, Porzingis isn’t Patrick Ewing.

The Brooklyn Nets Will Land Anthony Davis 

Yes, you heard it here first. The Nets will land Davis. If the Pelicans really want to move Davis before the trade deadline, why would they want to help out the LA Lakers? The Nets have a ton of expiring contracts and all their first round picks going forward. New Orleans would be foolish to help the rich franchises of the NBA while they just sit there and become a laughing stock of the league.

The Los Angeles Rams Will Win The Super Bowl And NFL Free Agency Will Be The Real MVP

The Rams went all in on the free agency tip and it could land them the Lombardi trophy. L.A. drafted quarterback Jared Goff, defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and running back Todd Gurley, among other stars. While those players are on rookie deals, that allowed the Rams to load up on other skilled positions on both sides of the field. On paper, the Rams have a better roster than the Patriots. They have a defense that can raddle Tom Brady. If the Rams win the Super Bowl, a new blueprint on how to win in today’s NFL will have arrived.


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