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Eli Apple: The Reality of What We Can Expect in Year One

Eli Apple (William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports)

Eli Apple (William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports)


In the days and weeks after Eli Apple was drafted by the New York Giants, football fans around the world were forcibly introduced to the vivacious and enthusiastic Mrs. Annie Apple. Annie, Eli’s larger-than-life mom, quickly became what many consider to be the NFL’s most prominent parental figure, making headlines for her firestorm of twitter jabs at Eli’s criticizers and her widely known displeasure of the desert spread at the NFL draft in Chicago.

Now, nearly two months after the draft has closed, Annie continues to make headlines. This time, her claim to fame are her lively #mommycam videos, giving fans around the twitter world an inside look at Eli’s first days as a Giant.

Annie is the football mom we love to love. The pride and effervescent adoration she repeatedly shows for her son is endearing and we can’t help but feel a hint of fondness for her. What we love even more is that Eli takes it all in stride, showing no signs of embarrassment for his mom’s public displays of overt affection.

Although it’s tough to focus on Eli’s upcoming season with such a charismatic and entertaining figure like Annie in the forefront, the 20-year-old cornerback is making moves behind the scenes and preparing for his professional debut.

In his first days on the field since being drafted, Apple made big impressions on his teammates and coaches, coming out strong and dominating in his position during OTAs. In a matchup between Apple and teammate, WR Sterling Shepard, the cornerback stole an interception and prevented what could have been a touchdown.

Though practices and during the last days of OTAs, Apple continued to impress by breaking up several passes and saving a touchdown on more than one occasion.

“He is still a rookie, so there has been a bit of a learning curve here, but I will say this, I do see a competitive guy there,” defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said after practices. “I think that some of the guys around him have gotten confident in him. He has made a lot of plays here.”

Although Apple played on the outside in college, as a Giant he was moved to the slot position during practices and that’s where he’ll likely be come fall.

When he spoke of the change, Apple said, “It is definitely a different role, but I think that I am adjusting to it well.”

Apple seems confident about starting the season as the slot corner. “I am open to everything, as long as I am out there contributing to the team. That is what I am trying to do.”

With several other strong defensive players added to the Giants’ roster this offseason, we can expect to see a more dominant defense than we have in years past. Eli has been a big contributor thus far and he continues to progress each practice.

Closing note: If you still feel like you haven’t gotten enough of Annie Apple, need not fear, friends. You can catch Annie as a contributor on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown in the fall.

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