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The Empire State Building Is A Traitor

The Empire State Building has been a source of controversy for quite a while now.  First it was caught in the middle of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s genius idea to light the building up green.  The green was to represent renewable energy and “going green”.  However, what better way to conserve energy then by NOT lighting up one of the biggest buildings in the world?

Now, the Empire State Building is in hot water for this tweet:

What kind of maniac allows this to go on in New York City?  What kind of fan can the Empire State Building be by lighting itself up for New York’s biggest rivals?  Let’s break this down just a little further to show what kind of treason this abomination of a building committed:

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are everything the New York Jets want to be, and everything they hate.  The Patriots are successful, accountable, no-nonsense and professional.  There are no criminals on the Pats, there are many Super Bowl banners, and there is a reason why one team has won 5 Super Bowls and the other hasn’t won one in 40 years.

It’s safe to say that if you are a Jets fan, or any New Yorker for that matter, you hate the Patriots.  It’s not even just the Patriots, it’s the entire city of Boston that New York SHOULD hate.  Unfortunately, the Empire State Building didn’t get the memo.

Philadelphia Eagles

Other than the Cowboys, no team is hated more by Giant fans than the Philadelphia Eagles.  It’s not an inferiority complex, it’s just a pure hatred.  Philly fans and New York fans have never gotten along.  Philly fans in most peoples minds are savages and have absolutely zero regard for anyone, including themselves.

Eagle fans in particular are hard to get behind because they’ve pelted Santa with snowballs, thrown batteries at opposing players and fans, and used to have a jail in the basement of their stadium.

Here’s a guide to any Jet or Giants fan:  If you’re a Giants fan, root for the Patriots because you’ve already beat them twice in Super Bowls & know you should be the only team to have that honor.  If you’re a Jets fan, root for Philly because the last thing you need is Tom Brady parading around Boston with rings on two hands.

And if you’re the Empire State Building, turn your back on your entire town by choosing to fly the colors of not one but TWO of your city’s enemies.  What a disgrace.

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