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Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony (Getty Images)

Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony (Getty Images)

With the New York Knicks failing to reach the playoffs once again, many eyes have been looking at New York speculatively this offseason. Rumors have been swirling that stars Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis may be on their way out of the Big Apple and many have placed blame on the Knicks president of basketball operations, Phil Jackson. The woes of such fans may be amended soon as reports of exit on the part of Jackson began to surface Wednesday morning. Yet with all the happenings going on one really has to wonder, what’s going on in New York?

Stinks from the Head

If you’re a New York basketball fan then you’ve had first row seats to the disfunction known as the Knicks front office. Bad decisions and bad fiscal choices on the part of the team really need to be considered as contributions from the top of the pyramid himself, James Dolan. Many NBA fans have consistently named him as one of the worst owners in the game. Most recently, by deciding to skip draft night in favor of attending a gig with his band JD and the Straight Shot, Dolan has shown quite a bit of lack when it comes to the team that makes him so much money. Such lack may have been what led to the hiring of Phil Jackson, but that decision was addressed today with his ultimate firing.

Separate Ways

Before noon Wednesday, the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson decided that it was better for both parties to part ways. Knicks fans everywhere have been rejoicing all over social media, praising this decision as a step in the right direction. Though one of the greatest coaches of all time, Phil’s winning mentality has yet to lead the Knicks to a championship. His hard pressed desire to force the triangle on this team only caused a rift between him and Melo. It didn’t help that Phil was all to willing to put Porzingis, who is definitively this franchise’s future, on the trading block after the star power forward failed to attend an exit interview. At the end of  the day you have to give the people what they want and thanks to Phil’s poor decisions, he is the last thing that Knicks fans want. Whatever executive prowess he had proved to be insufficient for the Knicks and their efforts to bring home another title.

The Future

With Phil gone and Melo recently turning 33, the Knicks sincerely have to consider the future if they want a championship. Though Phil did draft Porzingis, he seemed to reconsider keeping the 7 footer around, which would be detrimental to any championship effort the Knicks may have. With the drafting of the 8th overall pick, Frank Ntilikina, the Knicks seem to be adding more and more pieces to make an attempt on another play off run. Yet, going forward the Knicks need to be careful with their money. In signing injury prone players such Amar’e Stoudemire and Joakim Noah to large contracts, they have shown that they have a history of tying up their cap space. In an effort to get and keep their affairs in order the Knicks must continue to make moves in the draft and use their cap space wisely should they have any real interest in making it into the playoffs, let alone winning a championship.

The Knicks have a long road ahead of them if they want to emerge as a true contender in this league. With teams like the Cavaliers and the Warriors out there, the Knicks must get it together if they have any hope of securing a title. Dolan, while he is still questioned by many fans, demonstrated a good amount of decision making yesterday with his decision on Phil. Hopefully he can stick to that trend so that one of these years the Big Apple can celebrate another NBA championship.

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