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To err is human, to forgive serene . . . Serena Williams pardons Indian Wells

Clear, tranquil and serene

Clear, tranquil and serene

This morning, I read about how Serena Williams decided to return to Indian Wells after a ‘long boycott’ and I thought about how I have admired her over the years. In the article I read, Greg Beacham, AP, reported, ‘the world’s No. 1 women’s tennis player said Wednesday she will play in the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells California, next month.’

When I attended the U.S. Open I watched her play.  When I formed I thought about her persona.  She emulates everything I think about when I think of ‘Very Sexy’ because it is her strength and commitment to herself that she rocks more than anything.  Well, except maybe her tennis racket.  She seems to have a pretty good handle on that, as well.  Yes, Serena Williams, is one of the female athletes I think of when I think about women who are extraordinary role models.  I have admired her for years.

According to the report I read, Serena felt horrible in 2001, after being booed on court at Indian Wells during a tournament that her sister Venus dropped out of due to tendinitis.  Apparently there were accusations that their father, Richard, had orchestrated everything and was attempting to fix the match.  However, even though Serena vowed never to return she will be returning to the tournament this year.  The reason, Serena has shared is that she has grown and learned to forgive.

Some people might have a different perception of Serena.  They might think about how she rocked to ‘gang music’ or how she got angry once or twice, or maybe they will remember what I think was a photo of a very broken ankle on Twitter.  We all form different opinions of athletes we only know from what we read.  Me, I’m thinking she’s pretty special.  A role model who is imperfect, makes no apologies for that, and continues to strive to be all she can be.  That is what makes her nearly perfect in my mind.

Have you been to Indian Wells?  It’s beautiful there.  Almost as beautiful as Serena.

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