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Essence of the Heart. Liberty Star Visits Hospital for Special Surgery

Essence Carson visits children who had recent surgery.

New York Liberty star, Essence Carson, takes a selfie with a patient.

New York Liberty star, Essence Carson, takes a selfie with a patient.

It was a normal day in the Hospital for Special Surgery on 70th street facing the East River on Wednesday, June 24, except for the fact the section where children are operated on for knee, back, and a variety of injuries had a visitor.

A professional athlete, a basketball player who was just like them two years ago, a patient who had surgery on her ACL. Her name is Essence Carson. Today, the fully recovered starting forward for the New York Liberty spent time with nine children.

Essence is quite a conversationalist, something she admitted today was the complete opposite of her character a few years back in college. But here, she was with little fanfare and the kids she saw today were similar to the WNBA, often overlooked by all but their immediate families.

Essence got the shy ones to open up, play, trash-talked those who showed a quick wit, and provided wristbands, signed autographs, took selfies, but most importantly, time.

It’s interesting to see pro athletes in this light, as motivators. Role models are in short supply but if you look around carefully, from the corner of your eye, you will catch an Essence Carson, or another member of the Liberty, giving of their time and inspiring young people to look at their rehabilitation as a challenge to be relished. Its something that needs to be reported more if sports athletes are to retain the privilege of being true examples of society. We sorely are in need of them.

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