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High School Sports

Every high school football season brings unique opportunities for community spirit

This weekend, gridiron American high school football kicked off in New Jersey. All across our great state, high school teams began their quest for the first ever bowl games to decide who will reign supreme in their conferences.

Every team dreams of achieving the ultimate goal, and they all believe they have a shot.

Who’s going to get there and win, maybe for the first time like the Pioneers of Somerville did last year? Who’s going to repeat? Who’s this years Cinderella?

Big or small school, dreams are all the same size. The road is not easy, but well worth it. We all look forward to these games. We all have a tie or sentiment towards a school, through our own experiences or that of our family and friends. One thing for sure, we will not be neutral, we’re going to cheer loud and hard. We are going to make noise. Some will stay local while others travel with our favorite team. Regardless, we will all be partial to our team.

High school football is unique, most players will never play another down in college or professional level. Some may, but it doesn’t matter, a big play or tackle can come from anyone. It will be someone’s highlight for them to keep forever. It will be shared by family, friends and foes alike, for different reasons. There will be many “hard knocks” as these games are played for the love of the game.

The competition is intense and also fun and rewarding. Friendships will develop and last a lifetime along with the memories.

High school football is honest, fun, affordable and free from all the political issues surrounding us in our country. Go to, any game, anywhere in our state, and see the community come together to cheer for their favorite team. It doesn’t matter the names, wear the right uniform, we got your back. We are all one team.

If you love football, there is no better value. High school football NJSIAA style is a happening, not just for the players but also for the coaches and administrators, cheerleaders, parents, volunteers in the food shacks, and of course the fans. The excitement  is shared by all present.

Some win, some lose, but we all enjoy the”game.” We support our local team always, many others too.

Football is tribal, we don’t like you if you play us, if you neighbor us we root for you, unless you play us, then you’re a rival. Players represent our towns, therefore us.

Looking forward to this season, we will be watching many games, I’m sure we’ll see many amazing runs, catches, tackles and other memorable moments. That is what high school football is all about.

Who’s your favorite team? How did they do this weekend? We at would love to know. Share your thoughts with us. We may even cover your game with one of our many great writers and photographers.

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