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Everyone wants to know, where oh where will Beltran go?

As the trade deadline quickly approaches, the man who is most likely to depart the NY Met club by the deadline is Mr. Carlos Beltran.  Back in ’05 when he joined the team, he dubbed them “the New Mets” now, 6 years later the New Mets have fallen apart and have become big market sellers led by a front office whose sole claim to fame came during the George H Bush administration.

But the big question now is undoubtedly, where will Beltran go?  These are the moments in an athlete’s career when it pays to have a Scott Boras-type in your corner. This agent not only orchestrated a $117 million dollar contract but also managed to get a full no trade iron clad clause put into the mega-contract.

It is no secret that the teams hot in pursuit of his services are the Braves, the Rangers, the Red Sox, the Phillies and the Giants.  And now let’s step in Beltran/Boras’ heads and handicap which team they would approve a trade to:

The Braves – in the shadow of the Phillies, strong pitching, weak offense, play in a pitcher’s park – medium market – not likely to win a title even with Beltran – chance of Beltran approval: 50%

The Giants – the better version of the Braves, stronger pitching, weaker offense, playing in front of good laid back west coast fans, a proven winning ballclub where Beltran can bat clean up and be the focus of the offense – also a team not shy to shell out the big bucks for a veteran player a-la Barry Zitochance of Beltran approval: 80%

The Phillies – a proven winner, good offense, great pitching, a team very likely to win the World Series. Plays in a division Beltran already knows well in a tiny hitter’s ballpark where Carlos can shine and raise his stock for next year’s bidders.  It will kill the Mets fans to see him in this uniform and so you would think the front office wants big prospects which the Phils are probably unlikely to do – chance of Beltran approval: 95%

The Rangers – An AL team that Beltran really has no connection to – they already have a good offense and a fair shot at the season’s big prize – the take here is that the unfamiliarity of the situation in the AL plus the West coast will prove to be a deal breaker for the killer B’s – Sounds like Rangers will make a hard push but Carlos will ultimately prefer to stay in the NL – chance of Beltran approval: 25%

The Red Sox – A huge market team which definitely appeals to Boras due to the spotlight but again an unfamiliar AL situation on a team that doesn’t really need him as they already have enough offense – the take here is that Boras pushes for them but Beltran shuns the Sox and the Red Sox decide they don’t really need him – chance of Beltran approval: 35%

Wherever Beltran happens to end up the team getting him will get the ultimate professional – always even keeled – always gives max effort and still has enough in the tank offensively and defensively to help any team in any league.  The Mets will come to miss one of the best 5-tool players to ever put on their uniform – they better make sure to get a lot back in return and of course once they have a deal in place they then have to convince Beltran that it’s time for him to go.

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