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The Home Run Derby is finally here, and it should be quite a spectacle. In one night, fans will get a chance to see the true power several players possess. Today, the spacious confines of Marlins Park will feel like a little league stadium. The best of the best have come together to watch their peers create a moment that will last a lifetime. Those watching that are 30+ will feel like a kid again.

We have a crowded field of players to get through, each with some serious power. Here are the participants and where they stand in their respected brackets. 


Let’s break it all down, shall we? The rules state that each player will have four minutes to hit as many home runs as they can. Players are given a 45-second timeout if they want to take a breather. Considering this is different from previous years, and the rule was formed in 2015, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of breaks taking place. After all, player safety is key. 

First things first: The fact that Eric Thames did not get an invite to this is quite upsetting. It has been a long journey for this man; thriving in Korea after a previously uneventful stint in the majors. He is dominating the league, helping the first place Brewers succeed. Thames is tested almost every time he blasts a home run, which is a bit unfair but understandable considering MLB’s past history. With the home run rate up more now than ever however, I believe Thames is the least of their worries. If he was in the derby, Thames would be my clear favorite. I guess we’ll be wondering , “What could have been?” any time Thames comes to bat now. 

Anyway, onto the derby!

On one side we have:

#1 Giancarlo Stanton v. #8 Gary Sanchez
Giancarlo Stanton – Last year’s derby winner, Stanton is looking to “wow” his home crowd. There is no doubt he will do that, as he has a history of doing inhuman things at previous derby’s. He hit two home runs last night, making his total 26 long balls. If the finals are him v. Judge, the crowd in Miami should be weary (myself included) of any bombs coming their way.
Opposite Aaron Judge is his teammate, Gary Sanchez. Some, like Logan Morrison, may be questioning why Sanchez is even in the derby considering he has 13 home runs. Those people have a point, until you look at his overall numbers since being brought up last year. In 109 games played over the last two seasons, he has 33 home runs. Coming off an injury, Sanchez has gotten back into the swing of things. While I don’t expect him to win the derby, I’m sure he is ready to prove why he belongs. Anything can happen during the Home Run Derby.
#4 Mike Moustakas v. #5 Miguel Sano
Mike Moustakas– The Moose will be loose in Miami. In a season that could garner him MVP votes, Moustakas will look to take that momentum all the way to the bank. 
Miguel Sano – The powerhouse of the second placed Twins is entering the Home Run Derby. Known for his tape measuring shots, Sano should feel right at home at Marlins Park.
On the other side, we have: 
#2 Aaron Judge v. #7 Justin Bour
It appears the Home Run Derby was made for Aaron Judge. Arguably the favorite to win, Judge is coming into this derby with all the momentum in the world. The 25-year old has 30 home runs, but that’s not what should “wow” you. It’s the distance in which he hits them. Remember when he hit a 495-foot HR? Every time he is in the zone, the ball, and the ballpark, pays for it. Batting practices are where he paints his “masterpieces”, as he wows the fans and his own teammates. Even in a spacious ballpark like Marlins Park, Judge can make it his own personal playground.
Stanton’s teammate, Justin Bour, can’t be overlooked. The man has some serious power, and has a chance to excite his home fans. A Met killer, Bour should put on quite a show, but I feel that Judge will take any momentum he has away in a heartbeat. It’s just the way these things work. 
#3 Cody Bellinger v. #6 Charlie Blackmon

Cody Bellinger – The Dodgers rookie is playing out of his mind right now. While the AL has Judge, the NL has Bellinger. His swing is so smooth and his home runs are just as majestic. I can see him tiring out early in the derby, but Bellinger should make it in the later rounds at least.

Just like the Rockies, Charlie Blackmon is having an insane year. After hitting his 20th home run yesterday, Blackmon seems to be on a role. His beard and his power should intimidate all of the members of the derby. 
In the end, I believe it will be Aaron Judge standing tall as the one true champion. The Home Run Derby has been known to surprise many fans, so anything can happen. I will be there LIVE to see all the madness go down! Tune in to find out who is the strongest, most durable man in baseball. It should be quite a show. 

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