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Fitzpatrick Wants to Return to Jets, But Will a Contract Be Worked Out?

Free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick told reporters on Monday that he wants to play football next season and he hopes that it is for the New York Jets.

At Willie Colon’s charity Golf outing, Fitzpatrick told reporters that, “I would like to be back.”

Fitzpatrick and the Jets organization have been in a stalemate in their contract negotiations for the past three months. There were reports recently that said that Fitzpatrick would rather retire than accept the current offer from the Jets, which was estimated to be about $8 million.

But Fitzpatrick has made it very clear that he will be playing Football next year. “I’m playing,” the 33-year-old quarterback said. “I’m playing football next year.”

The Jets have said since the beginning that they want Fitzpatrick back next year but contract negotiations never took off between to the two parties. The Jets also made an interesting move in the draft as they selected Christian Hackenberg in the second round.

Fitzpatrick has been asking for more than $8 million because Brock Osweiler just signed a deal worth $18 million per year while Sam Bradford signed a contract worth $17.5 million per year. For a while, Fitzpatrick wanted a similar contract.

At this point, it seems like Fitzpatrick will land with the Jets simply because there are not any other teams interested him. The Jets are the only team that have an opening and unless a quarterback for another team gets injured, it will remain that way.

It also seems like Fitzpatrick likes playing in the Jets offense because he had a career year last year, and all the key players, such as Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, are returning. The Jets are also bringing in running back and former member of the Chicago Bears, Matt Forte.

After breaking his silence this week, it sure seems promising at this point that Fitzpatrick will be back with the Jets next year which would be a huge upside for the offense.

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