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Freeport’s Andre Harrison advances to playoffs with dominant win at PFL 4 on Long Island

While he didn’t get the finish, Andre Harrison dominated in his backyard of Long Island

If the Professional Fighters League kept score when it came to style, Freeport’s Andre Harrison would be leading the rest of the pack. Alas, that is not the case. While style didn’t get Harrison the unanimous decision victory over Nazereno Maelgarie (30,27, 30,27, 30-27) on Thursday, July 19 at the NYCB Live’s Nassau Coliseum, it was his complete and utter dominance that did.

In his backyard of Long Island, Harrison (19-0) proved once again why he is the favorite to win the whole damn thing. Throughout the entire fight, he showcased a display of offense unheard of in any octagon. While he didn’t get the finish, his lightning-fast punches and hard kicks to the body certainly helped his cause.

As the first round began, the two fighters were getting a feel of one another. It didn’t take long however for Harrison to move Malegarie back several times. Malegarie went for several takedown moves, but Harrison blocked every one and sprawled across the octagon. While he connected, Harrison was unable to get the ultimate finish.

The second round was more of the same, with the fast punches mentioned earlier stealing the show. Harrison ended up kicking Malegarie square in the face, but once again could not take him down. Takedown after takedown, punch after punch, kick after kick, Harrison put on a clinic but could not get the finish.

Malegarie made the third round interesting, landing some solid shots on Harrison to stagger him a bit. It was to no avail however, and Harrison stuck it out until the end result by the judges.

Harrison gained three points in the featherweight standings, bringing his total to six. He is officially in the eight-man PFL playoff series, starting in October. During that time, he may have a chance in facing two opponents on the same night. In his post-fight interview, Harrison went on to say the main goal from now on is to win and advance. “That’s the name of the game everybody.”

The one thing Harrison is looking to work on is the finish. That is extremely important as the competition gets more complex. His previous fights have ended close due to the lack of a clutch finish.

When asked if there is any pressure to get a finish in his fights, Harrison had the following to say:

“I don’t feel pressure. At one point I did rock him (Malegarie) pretty good. I swung hard but he’s a tough guy, he’s fought in over 30 fights, so he was swinging hard back. Kudos to him. If I get it I get it, if I don’t I have to do what I have to do.”

At the moment, the fight is off his mind, as he always looks to roll with the punches, regardless of the outcome. With his undefeated record intact, Harrison is considered one of the true favorites to win the championship and the $1 million prize during the finals in December.

Celebrating the anniversary of Bellmore Kickboxing, Andre Harrison is grateful to be in the opportunity he is in. He is ready to move on in October and truly take the sport to the next level.

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