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Friendly Victories Prove that Jurgen Klinsmann is the Right Manager for USMNT

Wins over Germany and Netherlands have expectations rising.



As Jurgen Klinsmann  and Germany’s head coach Joachim Löw embraced after an improbable United States 2-1 victory in Germany over Löw’s side, one couldn’t help but feel giddy over the win and the week that was for the United States’ men’s soccer team.

The team had just completed two victories in five days over the World Cup champions Germany, and the third place finishers the Netherlands on away soil.

Detractors will say they were just Friendlies and that Germany rolled out its B squad.

And yes, all of that is true.

But if you look at the overall picture, you have to be excited at these results.

The exciting part is the way the team played and the tangible results as true rewards for that type of play.

They were high pressing, attacking, creating chances, and burying those chances – all hallmarks of what Klinsmann has preached but US supporters have not seen until last week.

For prior US teams that found themselves down 1-0 to Germany the only question was if the final full time result would be 1-0 or 2 or 3 to 0.

For prior US teams that found themselves down 3-1 to the Netherlands, you may as well start the team bus.

But, this team got wins from those positions.

The truly amazing thing is Klinsmann’s US team made it to the knockout stage of the World Cup in 2014 and won the Gold Cup without playing the style that Klinsmann wants to play.

That style is starting to become evident now and it isn’t just cheap talk anymore.

Yes, the diamond formation makes the US vulnerable on the wings, and yes, the team conceded 4 goals in two games but the attacking prowess is starting to come.

The team unleashed 13 shots against the Germans and could have had 4 or 5 goals.

Hopefully, this isn’t just a 2 game blip on the radar and the US is truly realizing Klinsmann’s vision.

This summer’s Gold Cup against mostly lesser competition will be a huge indicator of how far this tem has progressed.




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