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From Giving Away to Giving Back, Sports Journeys for Athletes and Sporting Organizations



Sport is a powerful global language that unites communities and changes lives. However, when developing social responsibility programs some athletes or organizations forget the positive impact getting physically and emotionally involved in the programs supported can have. Sometimes the most valuable takeaways and lasting changes come from sharing stories and working directly with the causes and people your financial contributions support.

For athletes and sporting organizations the Sports Journey is a new opportunity to experience life changing development programs linked to their own personal passions. It allows both player and team to fully understand the scope of what they support and the people they help.

For many sporting organization looking to develop a holistic and authentic social responsibility program engaging in a sports journey may just be the ticket. The key objective of many of these programs is to make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of those living in extreme poverty and disadvantage.

When working together, athletes and sporting organizations will take away a few key moments of truth:

Every Contact Leaves a Trace

You will impact and be impacted by the things you see and do.

YOU Can Change A Life

You will see others doing good, changing lives and be inspired to make a difference.

Giving IS a Rewarding Experience

You will get to know, share and develop ways to “give back” rather than “give away” or “give up”.

Exploring Life Outside your Daily Identity

Each Sports Journey will be a place and time for reflection where you will be recognized for who you are as global citizen rather than what you do from 9-5 or as an athlete.


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