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From Sports to Art, Lauren Rose Spencer Mixing Things Up

LRS Art: Unique Sports Art by Lauren Rose Spencer

Lauren Rose Spencer (right) at an event as a sports reporter

Lauren Rose Spencer (right) at an event as a sports reporter


Interior Design, Sports Writer and Host, Religious Service Missionary, Sales & Promotions, and Social Media Manager.

Lauren Rose Spencer has done it all.

Throughout her vast experiences, one thing has remained constant….her interest and extreme talent in art.

(Elephant painting by Lauren Rose Spencer)

(Elephant painting by Lauren Rose Spencer)

Now, this young, energetic native of Utah, is combining her passion for art, business, and sports. LRS Art provides various options from team and company logos to the brand new release of custom art on athletic footwear.

Lauren Rose began as an artist at a young age and has developed a beautiful technique that is unique to her style and experience. She generally paints with acrylic on wood pallets, using the primary colors; red, blue, and yellow while mixing with black and white.

Earlier this year, Lauren moved to New York. While working in the sports and fashion industries, she reestablished her art business. Her artwork can be found at local businesses and a city garden in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood.

For Lauren, it was only fitting to combine art and sports.

“It happened naturally,” said Lauren Rose Spencer on joining her two passions. “The first work of art I produced in New York was a rose on my apartment wall. The colors I used were blue and yellow. The second painting was a ballerina, using reds and yellows. During that time, the NBA Finals were going on between the Cavs and Warriors. I realized later I was painting with team colors.”

Lauren has created personalized artwork for clients such as Desmond Cooper (former Jacksonville Jaguars safety), Kenneth Scott (former University of Utah wide receiver), and Damiere Byrd (Carolina Panthers wide receiver). She also now offers custom art on cleats, something still fairly new to the sports fashion industry.


(Art by Lauren Rose Spencer)

“I started working on a Brazilian JJ Gi for a client,” she explained. “When one of my other clients heard I was painting on Gi’s, he suggested I start to paint on cleats. There is another guy in the industry painting on cleats for the NFL, but not another female as far as I know.”

“I got a pair of hand me down cleats and started painting one night,” Lauren continued. “It was fun and the reviews have been great.”

Track star, Cedric Quartey plans to wear a pair of the custom cleats at his next track me, taking place on January 14.

Lauren is determined to continue to grow her art, who knows, maybe we will see her artwork on an athletic field in the near future. But, she is not stopping there. She has also begun a modeling career and plans to see where that goes.

“I worked at Issue New York and was a fit model for them. Since then, I’ve been working with different photographers to promote their brands and to build a portfolio. The goal is to work for a major brand as a model, you know…dream big.”

LRS Art and more on Lauren can be found on her personal website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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