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Fueled By Football, October and November Are Top Ticketing Months on the Calendar

When the Giants and Jets are fully in the swing of things as it concerns their NFL seasons, this is typically when the most ticket sales are made over the course of the calendar year. That’s what in-depth statistics reveal from Vendini, a live event software solution provider based out of San Francisco.

Specifically, according to their extensive and informative study, October and November yield the largest ticket sales of any month, even exceeding the average sales per month by approximately 20 percent! Professional football organizations like the Giants and Jets certainly have a hand in that, as this is typically when the football campaign is getting out of first gear and into the more important regular season games. Additionally, these two months also are comprised of basketball and hockey starting up for their newest seasons, and are consistently major players in the ticket market. With it also being the months leading up to the holiday season, there are countless individuals who have sports tickets topping their wish lists.

On the contrary, Vendini reports that January and May are the two months that do the least amount of ticket sales, with 15 percent less compared to the average month. In January, it’s pretty easy to see why, as this is the immediate time after the holiday spending has reached its conclusion, and with the NFL close to bidding adieu for the year, there just isn’t as much activity for tickets, considering football is widely considered the most popular sport in the United States. As for May’s positioning at the bottom, that could also have much to do with basketball and hockey on the verge of wrapping up, and with people not putting as much stock into early-season baseball action, it all leads to the fifth month’s low ranking.

Breaking down the numbers further, Vendini has also discovered that the busiest day for ticket sales — and by a wide margin – is Friday, with 40 percent more tickets being sold on this day compared to the weekly average. This probably has more to do with the fact that it’s the end of the week, and with people finding ways to stray away from their usual work routine, purchasing tickets has emerged as a popular distraction. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the day with the least amount of ticket sales is Sunday, having 75 percent less sales when compared to the weekly average. Sunday, of course, is known around the country as gameday during football season, but since there’s only 16 games in a season for each team, fans tend to lock up their tickets well in advance leading up to kickoff. Plus, Sundays are generally pinpointed as most people’s lazy day of the week to just do whatever, and in a lot of those instances, people are just relaxing rather than worrying about their attendance to an upcoming sporting affair.

Finally, Vendini has also figured out that buying tickets online is the way to go these days. In fact, more than half of customers are purchasing their tickets through this platform. It’s exactly why all of the major sports have, and frequently promote, their own online ticket exchanges, as people in today’s day and age are looking for convenience above all, and you can’t top online purchases at all in that regard. At the same time, Vendini founder and CEO Mark Tacchi believes a shift will be coming sooner than later. While he notes that buying online has become the biggest trend in the industry, he also believes mobile sales will soar to the top of this list. As mentioned, people are generally seeking convenience and ease, and if ordering tickets on your phone can accomplish those goals better than the competition, then Tacchi looks like he has a tremendous point. We’ll probably find out whether that indeed occurs or not within the coming years.

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