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What does the future hold for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles?

Zoom in. Close up hi-def megapixels. Nick Foles’ bright blue eyes said it all to me. Led by Foles’ cool confidence, the Philadelphia Eagles came to play in Super Bowl LII. Obviously, they wanted the win much more than the New England Patriots. And Nick Foles wanted this ring for all of the right reasons. Foles showed that he could handle the big time and it seems to me that his future is as bright as his eyes.

Foles’ proclaimed his confidence throughout the whole game. Exhibiting quiet calm for a young man in the middle of the biggest game he has played in his life, Foles came through over and over again. Up against an accomplished veteran, he found a way to win. A young man up against a dynasty in a world where hi-def cameras and TV leave noting to the imagination anymore. He has already learned the ever important part of the modern game, your “game face.” Foles never wavers. In fact, he looks up with joy instead of arrogance after each completion.

The Eagles, as a team, wanted it more. Driving across the state in the middle of the night, I caught some radio chatter describing how Foles and several of his teammates have more than just football in common. Apparently, they spend time praying together, too. Foles and his teammates came prepared. Not scared, not intimidated, not shaken as the scales tipped back and forth. No, they were tight and controlled and showed up ready to give 110%.

So, what does the future hold for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles? From my perspective, he can only get better. As we all do, he will gain maturity and wisdom throughout his career. Being so young, Foles has a great opportunity to parlay his Super Bowl LII win into a great career. He can help young fans stay in the game and out of trouble through his example of fair play and faithful determination. Surfing the web for pictures, I found some very young ones and I know there are many youths out there today that can relate to Nick Foles as a person as well as a hero, especially if they are from Philly.

I didn’t have a chance to ask Nick about his future, but I can imagine his response. He would look up into the sky in his characteristic way, his blue eyes mirroring the heavens above, and say something like: “The sky’s the limit.”

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