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FWE in Brooklyn: Styles Adds World Championship Hardware to Bullet Club

FWE Men’s and Women’s World Championships changed hands last Wednesday night.

The St. Patrick’s Gym was the humble sight of two title changes as the FWE Men’s and Women’s World Championships changed hands last Wednesday night. Think about that, a sellout on a midweek in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The card had so many twists and here is a retrospective of a memorable evening. Lets start with the opener. Two men who may one day main event on bigger stage provided a main event caliber match as Johnny Gargano and Bandido went at it hard for 15 minutes of high impact wrestling, Gargano rallied from near defeat to pin Bandido with the Michinoku Driver.

In another classic tag match which saw Ben Ortiz, Sam Shields, and Kaya Kata, who scored the pin with a frog splash, rise victorious over Wes Draven, Mike Law, and Jorge Santi.

Orange Cassidy is becoming a favorite of mine as his pondering, clueless, entrance, which added him even needing help to remove his T-shirt never fails to amuse, scoring an unlikely win over VSK, by spitting some “Orange Drink?” in his face to get the win.

Chuck Taylor won both the match and an unscheduled foot race over Robbie E. Another favorite is the Juucy Product, who won a classic match over Tony Nese and the masked Jigsaw. Dunn caugghtva distracted Nese with a knee and Canadian Destroyer. The Juicy Product are champion material and should not be wasting time. Bring the Young Bucks now. Speaking of the Young Bucks, they barely retained their FWE World Tag team belts as they outlasted the Colony.

A beautiful moment of respect came after Tommy Dreamer defeated Chris Hero with a piledriver. It was what he said after that endeared him to many. “I wish to god I was ten years younger because Hero is what he loved about professional wrestling.” He followed by leading a “Yes, Yes” chant.

In a very strange inter gender tag match, Paul London survived with his Tri-Borough belt but Candice LaRae was not so fortunate after she was hit with the Samoan Drop and Veda Scott scored the pin and captured the FWE World Women’s Championship. London and Scott left as champions and Candice and Joey Ryan left with nothing to show for all the mayhem they have brought to FWE.

Shelly Martinez was a late addition but her zombie makeup and outfit, along with an exciting style was too much for Deana as the STO counter move scored a clean win.

The main event saw two quick falls with Morrison, now Hennegan, pinning A.J Styles with a springboard legdrop. Styles returned the favor by forcing a submission with an ankle lock. Being this was a two out of three, it came down to a final all or nothing conclusion. Hennegan’s mobility was hampered and Style combination of brute force moves like the Torture Rack and a sitdown powerbomb. Finally, A.J. Styles hit Hennegan with the Styles Clash and scored the pin to capture the FWE World Heavyweight  Championship. He along with the Young Bucks proclaimed their alliance as the “Bullet Club” with a hint of more members to follow.

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