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Gossip Girl Talks ESPYS




Hey Everyone! It’s your favorite gossip girl, Pamela Michelle! Okay, So everyone who watched the ESPYS say I! Alright, I have a small confession to make. I didn’t watch the entire show,  because I was broadcasting my show Sports Infusion Live with the Double G Radio network! Nor did I feel the need to DVR the ESPN equivalent of the Oscars.

What I did see however, was Boston Boy Ben Affleck hand out the Icon award to my generations Mr. Yankee, Derek Jeter. I found this an interesting choice. Mainly because Affleck a die hard Red Sox was chosen to give the speech and award. I only say this because this is the same Ben Affleck who refused to wear a Yankees hat in a movie, and opted to dawn a Mets baseball cap instead. Now before you go jumping down my throat saying  “Pamela, it’s ok to appreciate a great athlete who has class.”  I get it! Yes! You are absolutely correct on that point. I just felt they powers at the mother ship could have made it better.

If you did watch Mr. Affleck hand out the Icon Award to Mr. Jeter, don’t you think it would have been funnier to do it tongue and cheek? My first thought was…”Hmmm, was is this almost sad? In an odd way, it seemed like Affleck was delivering a eulogy.  For me, it would have been much better if it was Ben Affleck acting as if he was sickened by the fact that he had to give a Yankee The Icon Award. Maybe, that’s my dark sense of humor speaking. I can’t lie, when I heard  Affleck say, “You broke my heart a 100 times, then when you retired broke it once more.”

Now during this speech, really one of the final tongue bathings I tweeted “Let’s be real. What ESPN isn’t saying is Derek Jeter gets the #ESPN Icon award for his chick roster! # Respect” C’mon now, I figured if Affleck was dropping the ball, I needed to hit one out of the park!

Don’t misunderstand at all. I respect Derek Jeter, he deserves this award. Jeter has always been the picture of class. You’ve never heard about him acting out, even when hitting the clubs in his younger days. And I’m correct his “roster of ladies” is superior! I just wish instead of taking themselves so seriously ESPN would have put a little fun into something that could have been a classic, and amazing moment! You still could have kept it classy, but for God sake remember the Red Sox and Yankees are suppose to be one of the greatest rivals! After all they do give us long epic games, that rip out our hearts, and make us stand up and cheer. Games that make you realize…This is EXACTLY what being a sports fan is all about!

Since, I really can’t comment  much more on the ESPYS , and the fact that I REFUSE to comment on Caitlyn Jenner. Simply because I can’t give into what everyone else has. I’m hoping this is a case of  If you ignore it, it will go away! Unfortunately this is a train wreck with her own E reality show, and we as the general public love a train wreck! What I will say is this about the stage the now Ms. Jenner given. She delivered a message that was sincere, and heart felt. Sadly, instead of it being something wonderful, this to will be turned into a circus. But that’s how we like it, right?

For Now that will do it for me! Make sure you listen to my show Sports Infusion Wednesday night at 9pm eastern time on the Double G Radio network! It’s the most fun you can have, with your clothes on!

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