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Heather Hardy v. Amanda Serrano – A True Dream Match Come To Life

Every so often there are bouts that make you stop what you are doing and tune in. Canelo Alvarez v. Gennady Golovkin, Bernard Hopkins v. Roy Jones, Jr., and Floyd Mayweather v. Manny Pacquiao are just a few examples. Until recently, women’s boxing hasn’t had much of those highlighted fights. At least to the executives of the boxing world.

By the end of this Friday night, Heather Hardy v. Amanda Serrano may end up being one of those bouts.

Inside Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater, two women from Brooklyn fight for featherweight gold, as well as a chance to break the door that has managed to stop women’s boxing from progressing.

In one corner you have the Queen of Brooklyn, Heather Hardy. A true pioneer, Hardy (22-0, 1NC) has been one of the most outspoken figures when it comes to women’s boxing. A multi-time featherweight champion, Hardy has had to dip her toes in MMA due to boxing’s lack of treatment for stars like her.

Going 2-2 in the cage for Bellator, Hardy is back to reclaim her top spot in the women’s rankings. In her way is someone who has made an impact of her own across multiple divisions in Serrano.

The only woman to win world titles in seven different weight classes, Amanda Serrano (36-1-1) is a true unstoppable force. She also competes in MMA as well as pro wrestling but has always returned to boxing when the moment matters. While she isn’t outspoken per se, her dedication to prove that women can fight just as good, if not better, than men is not to be denied.

On the line for both fighters is not just a chance to be noticed. They have already taken care of that by giving away a majority of the tickets to fans and family. The winner could be facing Katie Taylor up next. Beating Rose Volante inside MSG by a score, the fight everyone was calling for after is her v. Serrano. If Hardy was to win, while considered an upset, it would match the best of the past number of years v. the best today.

So, how will this fight go?

Serrano has more knockout wins (26) than Hardy (4) does. However, the latter has been known to be a durable fighter, her last six fights ending in a decision. The question comes down to health: will the damage either sustained in MMA transfer over? For Hardy, she has had more hits landed on her than Serrano, making her survival rate questionable. Getting that experience, on the other hand, can certainly make her a tougher fighter.

While not the main event, Hardy v. Serrano is a title that can steal the entire show. As the Hulu Theater will be on their feet for this fight, boxing’s top guns might as well keep their eyes focused on this one. After all, profits from ticket sales and history will be on the line, and we know they are certainly interested in the former.

Prediction: Serrano via round-six TKO

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