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High Point Solutions Stadium Just Another Step In "Master Plan" For Rutgers Athletics

Rutgers University and it’s athletic department held a press conference yesterday to announce a naming rights deal between the school and High Point Solutions, a New Jersey based IT supply company. Rutgers Stadium will now be known as High Point Solutions Stadium.

The 10-year deal is worth $6.5 million. While to many, including myself, that does not necessarily sound like a great deal for Rutgers, reports show the amount of money to be about average when compared with other college football stadium naming rights deals.

The name High Point Solutions Stadium does not yet roll off the tongue easily, that will come with time. Traditionalists will still call the big building Rutgers Stadium. The fact is, naming rights deals are a win financially for the athletic program, particularly football. Rutgers officials including Athletic Director Tim Pernetti and Head Football Coach Greg Schiano made it clear that while High Point Solutions would not be shoved down the throat of fans, you will know the new name and know where you are when in the stadium.

Pernetti also stated this to be another step in his master plan to turn the university athletic program into an independently funded organization. Rutgers already had a deal with Audi who sponsors the stadium’s club seating. The program will now look into potentially selling naming rights of other areas. Parking lots and entrances are examples of areas in which naming could be sold.

Plans are also in to renovate the Rutgers Athletic Center, home to the school’s men’s and women’s basketball teams, among other sports. Naming rights to that building would soon follow the renovation.

While naming rights is not always the popular choice among fans and alumni, in this day and age, it’s an easy way to bring in revenue. More revenue will aid the athletic department in its continued efforts to give all sports state of the art facilities. The football stadium was the obvious first step.

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