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How Does Sheldon Richardson’s Suspension Effect the Jets Long Term Plans?

Richardson is signed through the 2016 season

Sheldon Richardson (

Sheldon Richardson (


Sheldon Richardson’s four game suspension is old news by now. But how does his suspension effect his future with the New York Jets?

Right now, Richardson is signed through the 2016 season, and Mohammad Wilkerson is signed through this season. Between the two, the Jets are planning on signing just one of them to a long term deal. So it begs the question: who will the Jets sign?

Before the suspension, the Jets were going to let Wilkerson walk, sign Richardson to a long term deal, and let Leonard Williams take Wilkerson’s spot. Along with Richardson’s suspension, the Jets are also worried about Richardson’s demands. They are afraid he will do whatever is necessary, including holding out, to get his major contract demands.

With that being said, they will probably just give Wilkerson a long term contract because his demands are not as high, he is still an elite defensive lineman, and he will be easier to work with. Leonard Williams would then just take Richardson’s spot on the line.

So now that Richardson is suspended, expect a long term deal to be done with Wilkerson during the offseason. Richardson’s actions just might have cost him a long term deal with the Jets.

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