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How good can this Lizards offense be?

The sky is the limit for this years New York Lizards team.

Well if the hot start on Saturday is any indication, the sky is the limit for this years’ New York Lizards team.

Will Manny had five goals and two assists, Rob Pannell tallied two goals and six assists.  Joe Locascio is ripping bombs from way outside and Mike Bocklet could be one of their best offseason acquisitions.  So yes, they can be very good.

Considering the fact that one of the best players in the world, Paul Rabil, hasn’t even gotten going yet is a good indication that this Lizards team is going to be very hard to stop.  Rabil is instant offense, especially if he gets a defender one on one down the left point.  He is money in the bank and one of the best players in the world for a reason.

Rob Pannell is the Sidney Crosby of this group, an absolute stud who can both facilitate goals from behind the net and score magnificent goals.  He manhandles defensemen around the crease and he has a never-ending motor that quite frankly I’ve never seen before.

With guys like Pannell and Rabil causing a lot of double teams, Will Manny could wind up as MLL’s point leader and get another nod at an All-Star bid.  Manny is crafty with his stick, shifty, and can pretty much do whatever he wants on the field given his speed and skill.

A guy like Mike Bocklet really helps the other three out if any of them are slumping or trying to do too much.  Bocklet came over from Denver after a couple of great seasons for the Outlaws.  He is extremely strong on the ball and his strong suit is ripping the corners.  Having Bocklet pretty much eliminates any chance of a low scoring game for the Lizards, as you have four main facilitators and goal scorers between the attack and middies.

What makes this team so special?  They’ve been there before and know how to win.  Pannell and Rabil were part of the championship team three years ago that saw Rabil win Steinfeld Cup MVP.  They’re clutch in tight moments in the game and can always score that big goal.

It’s only been one game, but the Lizards had 19 goals against a great Outlaws team that prides itself on defense and relies on a great goaltender in Jack Kelly.  If this team continues to roll, it’s going to be hard for opposing teams to stop them. Not every game is going to be like Saturday’s matchup and there will be struggles in a long 14 game season, but don’t be surprised if you see some Lizards at the top of the scoring leader board.  After all, they were champions for a reason.

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