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How Will New York Mets Look In 2012?

Maybe the body is barely breathing or maybe the cadaver has been rotten for weeks, it depends on who you ask but as they sit 12.5 games out of 1st and 8.5 out of the wild card it surely does seem as if it is more the latter than the former.  The buzzards already claimed K-Rod and they’re currently buzzing around Beltran as the trade chatter around him gets louder and louder.  If you believe some media reports, teams are lining up at the door of Sandy Alderson hat in hand and top prospects lining their pockets, each ready to offer a king’s ransom for a shot at the Puerto Rican outfielder.  It is just about a certainty that Beltran will be traded before the deadline and with that transaction it is also certain that the Mets season will come to an unofficial end.

However, the 2011 season be damned, the general feeling in Met-land is that all sins will be forgiven if they are able to sign Jose Reyes in the off-season.  But one can’t help but wonder what the 2012 Mets lineup would look like if Jose decides to take his talents elsewhere.  Perhaps it would look something like this:

CF Angel Pagan

2B Daniel Murphy

3B David Wright

1B Ike Davis

LF Jason Bay

RF Lucas Duda

SS Ruben Tejada

C  Josh Thole

If this punching-judy group doesn’t immediately make you run around your living room singing Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills in your highest falsetto voice, then you my friend have a very strong stomach.

It is hard to fathom that a NY team reeling from catastrophic drops in attendance year after year would begin a rebuilding project less than 5 years after inaugurating a new stadium in the biggest city in the world.  However, reading the tea leaves and the constant robotic “payroll flexibility” company line coming out of the Mets front office daily, it is clear they are going cheap and going cheap quick.  How will this rebuilding effort play to the fans and the   attendance?  How will it play to the new minority owner, be it Einhorn or whoever wins that biggest-loser contest?  These are questions that will be answered next year as the projected 2012 cast of NY Mets may have many of their fans wishing that the Mayan calendar ended in April.

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