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Imagine The Possibilities: Rutgers Must Recruit New Jersey

This article was written by Double G Sports Contributing Writer, Former Rutgers player and NFL Lineman, Darnell Stapleton

[This article was written by Double G Sports contributing writer, NFL Lineman, Darnell Stapleton]

Just take a second and think about what type team Rutgers would be, if they were able to keep the big name talents in-state and not allow them to go off to schools like USC, Miami, Notre Dame, etc.

In 2009 seven of the 32 first rounders were from the state of New Jersey, and only one of those first rounders Kenny Britt chose Rutgers coming out of high school. Now just think if those other six decided to attend Rutgers.

Besides adding great athletes to the team, you’re forming a deeper roster with quality players. A lot of teams have depth but the quality of their depth can sometimes be the team’s weak point!

Every team faces some form of injuries. The successful teams can plug in quality backups without having a decrease in performance. So the question becomes does Rutgers have good depth? That is a question that can only be answered with time!

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