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WWE Intergender Matches: Yay or Nay?



This topic in the wrestling business has been a controversial one, with fans and wrestlers firmly planted on different sides of the argument.

Is it too brutal to see a female brawl with a male wrestler?

Is it seen as a joke?

Is it mid card attraction to bring attention to the promotion?

Is it a ploy just get the male wrestler ‘cheap heat’?

I’ve heard it all. Fans may not all agree with the place that these matches hold in the business but one thing is for sure, this style of wrestling is becoming quite popular.

The history of Intergender matches can be traced back to the late 1970s, early 80s when comedian Andy Kaufman would stage matches. Of course, this was just meant for laughs and no one took it seriously. Fast forward to the late 90s early 2000s, where the wrestling business was thriving at an all time high. The legitimate wrestling skills of women like Chyna, Luna Vachon, Jazz and Lita helped fans to get comfortable with seeing Intergender matches, without looking at the competitors gender the entire match and just enjoy the skills of both athletes in the ring.

In this generation, it has become even more of a norm to see an intergender match. The independent scene in the past few years has received a great response for booking these matches. In my opinion, promotions like AIW and Lucha Underground has been doing the best job at showing the legitimacy of these matches. Granted, I have seen horrible intergender matches in my day, but there are many that stand out, that I would like to put the spotlight on.

1. Jazz vs Jason (ECW 2000)

2. Mia Yim vs Greg Excellent (2011)

3. Luna Vachon vs Stevie Richards (ECW 1995)

4. Ivelisse vs Mil Muertes (Lucha Underground, 2016)

5. Sexy Star vs Pentagon Jr. ( Lucha Underground 2015)

6. Candice LaRae vs Johnny Gargano ( Absolute Intense Wrestling 2015)

Of course, I barely scratched the surface of the amazing Intergender matches that are out there. However, I think this list does a great job of highlighting the reason, why this particular brand of wrestling, will be permanent stable in the business for years to come. If you want more footage and information on wrestlers that are helping to break ground in the intergender wrestling scene, then check out this mini documentary that I stumbled across. Hope you Enjoy!

Short documentary on Intergender Wrestling

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