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Interview with New Jersey's Female Indy Stars

Who says that pro wrestling is still a male dominant sport – or as Vince McMahon would now put it, form of entertainment?

There was a time when the industry prided itself in creating characters and story plots that were larger than life while stigmatizing women and midgets as a sideshow attraction. Sure you had a few standouts such as The Fabulous Moolah and Sherri Martel, but there was never any confidence that female athletes were a moneymaking draw. Even the infamous old school GLOW wrestling, which was a late 80’s all female televised organization, was considered taboo amongst the industry. It was a cheap way to see girls in tights, smothering and tussling with each other like a Thursday night strip club jello fight. The girls had some skill and knowledge of pro wrestling, but were never embraced as part of the industry.

They say time will tell, and sure has told over the last decade as there has been an eruption of female wrestlers and opportunities to perform at the equivalent of their male counterparts. Pending on you’re outlet of choice for ladies wrestling, there are some instances where the female product is booked better than the male product and pushing the boys to step up their game before the fans go home praising the girls for stealing the show!

The popularity of women’s wrestling has become a global movement. Some independent promoters have found greater success and profits, as well as an increase in fanbase by running all girl events as opposed to rehashing the same local male names. Now whether the attraction of an all girl event is primarily due to men (mostly undercover pervs) who want to get their fix of hot female athletes getting their stretch on, or those who are actually interested in the storylines and competitive exhibitions – female pro wrestling is growing at a rapid pace and the girls are eager to make their mark.

DieHard Wrestling recently caught up with a couple of independent stars at a local show in New Jersey:


Mercedes Martinez is without a doubt, the most dominant female wrestler on the indy circuit today. We had a chance to speak with the Latina Sensation to discuss her career, her experiences, her influences and thoughts on the state of the industry and the female workers who continue to fight hard for equality in the male dominant pro wrestling business.

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She may seem small, but Portia Perez is as tough as they come. The technically sound Canadian “ninja” discusses her career, her inspirations and her experiences in the wrestling business – with a wise-cracking attitude that’s sharper than a ninja’s blade.

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Just when you thought that the wrestling business was overcrowded with “divas” and “knockouts” who spent more money on their boob jobs than they did on actual wrestling school, comes and old school throw back to the 80’s in Roxie Cotton.

This northeast valley girl airhead (yeah – I know there aren’t any valleys in the northeast) comes in full 80’s gimmick with a deafening high-pitched voice and florescent ring attire. But she’s also equipped with a strong determination and passion for the business…and a great all natural rack!

DieHard Wrestling talks to Roxie about her career, her experiences, the state of female wrestling and much more.

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