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Interview: Philadelphia Passion's Heather Perez

New Jersey native Heather Perez played safety for the Philadelphia Passion of the Lingerie Football League this season. Heather took some time out to talk about the league and her career.

The Philadelphia Passion were one of the biggest surprises in the Lingerie Football League this past season. Sure, they had some talent. But nobody expected them to dominate the league.

That is however just what they did, finishing the regular season undefeated before falling to the Los Angeles Temptation in the Lingerie Bowl. Despite falling just short of a league championship, the Passion squad had a very successful season.

Heather Perez, a New Jersey native who plays safety for the Passion, took some time to talk with Double G Sports about this past season and the LFL in general.  One thing is for sure, this Jersey girls is not afraid to tell you like it is. She brings that attitude to the field as well.

If you still have doubts that this league is legit or if you still think it’s all about beautiful women running around imitating a football game, Heather has one thing to say to you….

 “Watch a game!”

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) continues to grow as they are adding teams. They have their stars, like LA’s Ashley Salerno and Heather’s teammate Marirose Roach to name a few. The league is a woman’s football league, they just happen to wear lingerie looking outfits.

Double G Sports (DGS):  The Philadelphia Passion entered the year as an unknown and quickly became a dominant team? How did you do it?

Heather Perez (HP):  Honestly, just a lot of hard practices. Also, our team chemistry was VERY strong! We all got along so well so that was a big part of it.

DGS:  Can you tell us about your experience of being in the LFL?

HP:  My experience has been great, it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with some great people as well as experience things that most people will never experience in a lifetime.

DGS:  Despite falling short of a championship, were you able to meet your personal and team goals this past season?

HP:  The loss for us was terrible at first, but looking back and seeing what we had accomplished up to that point definitely took some of the original blow of the loss in the championship game away.

We mentioned before that the league has it’s share of stars. We asked Heather about two of those stars. Los Angeles Temptation quarterback Ashley Salerno was the Lingerie Bowl MVP while Marirose Roach of Philadelphia is one of the best all around players in the league. Heather is glad to be a teammate of Roach and is certainly not afraid of going up against a QB like Salerno.

Perez making a low tackle.

HP:  I take on any new player just as I do players I have already competed against. She’s definitely a great athlete, but I just have to rely on my talent to overcome any obstacles.

DGS:  Your teammate and likely league MVP, Marirose Roach, is she really as hard to take down as she looks?

HP:  Yes, Marirose is just an all around great athlete. She’s a hard runner and has great moves, but like any other player, she can be taken down. It’s just a matter of getting her in the right spot.

DGS:  Can you compare her to any NFL running back?

HP:  I would say she’s much like Barry Sanders was. Like they said about him, “nobody does a spin move like Barry Sanders”, well let me tell you Marirose can. She can cross up a D-Back much like him and also holds the most rushing yards in our league.

Heather Perez, #7

Heather Perez plays safety for Philadelphia. She is all about defense. If you watch a game, this girl is a ballhawk. Watch a game and just about every play, Perez is around the ball. While offense usually gets the most notoriety, this particular player lives to play D.

DGS:  Would you like to contribute more on offense or are you content with being a key defensive player?

HP:  Offense is alright, but unlike Marirose, I lack in the crossing up of defensive players. I don’t have the best moves when it comes to “juking” people. I love defense and wouldn’t trade any of it for a second of offense.

DGS:  Your personal stats may not stand out to the average fan but in the games I have seen, you are always around the ball on defense. What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?

HP:  As far as my stats, it kinda sucks because I didn’t get to play much this year. Out of the six games Passion played, I only played three. Playing safety is my strength on the field. I love every aspect of the position. Not really sure what my weaknesses are.

According to the Philadelphia Passion website, Perez finished sixth on the team with 9 tackles this season. She also had one tackle for loss and a pass deflection. The girls on the LFL all have their own opinions of the league and each of them have had new experiences and opportunities open up.

DGS:  Is the LFL what you imagined when you first decided to try out?

HP:  For the most part, yes it’s pretty much what I expected.

DGS:  What other opportunities has the league opened up for you?

HP:  I’ve been asked to do a lot of interviews with different people and I’ve been able to meet a few famous people which is pretty cool. I’ve also gotten to travel around the states and a trip to Mexico for last years All-Fantasy Game.

DGS:  Do you think the short season is enough or should the LFL expand it’s schedule?

HP:  I feel like the 10 months of hard practice doesn’t add up to just 4 games a season. We should at least double up the schedule, maybe play each team twice, once at home and once away.

Heather has tremendous pride for her home state of New Jersey and while she currently plays for Philadelphia, she’d love a chance to represent The Garden State and bring her Jersey Girl attitude to the football field. New Jersey does not currently have an LFL team.

DGS:  You are from New Jersey but play for Philadelphia, would you like to see your home state put a team in the league?

HP:  Yes, I’m a Jersey Girl and love everything about my home state. I would love to just have one good Jersey sports team.

You hear that New Jersey? Bring a Lingerie Football Team to our great state and who knows, maybe you could ever make Heather Perez the face of the team.

Double G Sports would like to thank Heather for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you luck next season.


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