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Interview with WWE Superstar, Booker T

The returning star and former champion discusses his career, transitioning between WWE and WCW, his backstage altercation with Batista and the night he called Hulk Hogan the “N” word on a live telecast!

Right before Booker T decided to return to the WWE, DieHard Derek had the chance to sit down and talk with one of the most decorated wrestlers in history. In this 20 minute interview, Booker T discusses some of the things that interested him and inspired him to get involved in the wrestling business. He recalls his first match in the WWE with former WCW alumni Buff Bagwell and the botchfest that ensued during his debut. Booker shares some thoughts on the ill-fated WCW invasion angle and how he worked harder to make sure that his career didn’t carry the stench. What you’ll enjoy the most is Booker’s side of the story as he discusses the backstage altercation between himself and Batista during a SummerSlam promo shoot, as well as the night that he accidentally called Hulk Hogan the “N” word on a live telecast.

After watching this video, you grow to appreciate how decent and humble of a human being Booker really is and how he exudes nothing but positive energy to the people he works with and the fans that he works for. It will be interesting to see how Booker T adapts to his new roles in the WWE as a trainer on Tough Enough and as an eventual color commentator. Don’t be too fast to shake your head at the thought of Booker behind the mic. Aside from him having a great mind for the business of pro wrestling – think back at how many other former pro wrestlers and managers became legends behind the mic such as Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and Jesse Ventura. As long as Booker is able to stray from keeping his dialect vanilla – and what I mean by that is, refraining from giving an insightful opinion and having no quarrels about being opinionated in an effort to verbally push the talent, the product and the company. Then again, in this day and age where Vince McMahon is having a conniption if someone refers to his business as wrestling rather than sports entertainment, Booker may just be better off going with whatever “the man” tells him to say. I’m just glad that Booker T wasn’t associated or affiliated to any organization at the time of this interview, that way he didn’t have to hold anything back in fear of any repercussions. Enjoy the video!

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