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It's Not 'Melo But Nets Get A Star Of Their Own. Trade For Deron Williams

The Nets have acquired point guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz. New Jersey sends Devin Harris, rookie Derrick Favors, and two first round draft picks to Utah.

The New Jersey Nets lost out on LeBron James and Chris Bosh in the offseason. The New York Knicks then stole Carmelo Anthony right out of their hands just a few days ago. New Jersey responds with a surprise trade.

The Nets have acquired All-Star point guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz. New Jersey sends Devin Harris, rookie Derrick Favors, and two first round draft picks to Utah.

Harris and Favors have been surrounded by trade rumors for a long time and will get a fresh start in Utah.  The rumors were clearly affecting Harris’ game and the poor results made it apparent the Nets needed to finally trade the point guard. Harris averaged 15 points and 7.6 assists this season for New Jersey.

Williams is the first star player the team has had since Jason Kidd. The key to this trade become a success will be convincing Williams to stay long term. Williams will be part of the 2012 free agent class unless the Nets can sign him to an extension.

Getting an extension may be difficult as reports are now being released that Williams was “stunned” by the trade and he is “not happy with the trade.”

Did the Nets top the Knicks? If New Jersey can sign Williams to an extension, this would go down as a better deal than they would have done to acquire Carmelo Anthony. Williams is actually a better all around player and New Jersey gave up less to acquire him.

Being that Williams is a point guard, he could attract other big name players, particularly big men to come to the Nets. Dwight Howard is also a free agent in the 2012 class.

Williams, who is averaging 21.3 points and 9.7 assist per game this season, has been blamed as at least part of the reason longtime Jazz coach Jerry Sloan resigned. The coach-player relationship between the two had become rocky.

New Jersey now has a star to market around. The key, as mentioned earlier, will be to convince him to stick around.

In a seperate trade, New Jersey has sent Troy Murphy to the Golden State Warriors for center Dan Gadzuric and power forward Brendan Wright.


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