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Jake Thompson’s concerning starts for the Philadelphia Phillies

Jake Thompson (Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports)

Jake Thompson (Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports)


Jake Thompson has now started three games for this Philadelphia Phillies team and it seems as though things have been rough for the young left-hander. With recent injuries to their pitching rotation in Zach Eflin and Aaron Nola, the Phillies were hoping that one of their top pitching prospects, Jake Thompson, would be ready to help this team get through the rest of the regular season.

However, it seems as though Thompson has been having a lot of issues settling in to the majors. Thompson has some quality stuff and is definitely capable of being a workhorse in the rotation, but so far he really has not been able to get it going out there on the mound.

In three starts, the 22-year-old has compiled a 1-2 record with an 8.79 ERA, while averaging less than five innings pitched per start. It’s safe to say that the Phillies were not expecting this type of output from one of the players they thought to be ready to make a serious contribution to the team. After all, this is the same player who dominated with an 11-5 record and a 2.50 ERA for the triple-A club this season.

It really is difficult to understand what is going on with Thompson right now. It is certainly enough to get the Phillies front office a little concerned, especially with the high expectations that they had for Thompson.

It is important to make sure that, although Thompson needs to gain experience, the Phillies make sure that they instill confidence in the young player. To do so, it may be helpful if the Phillies skip him in his next start to try and give him some extra time to recover and get situated with himself on the mound.

This season has been an extremely experimental one and should continue until the end of the season. With multiple moving parts, and players being loss due to injury and position changes, the Phillies should really try to be careful with what their next move is, especially with one of their top prospects in Jake Thompson.

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