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Jason Pierre-Paul is not a baseball player

It’s midway through summer, and the Major League Baseball All-Star game is just around the corner, but the NFL is taking center stage once again, and all the sports talk radio shows seem to be about anything but baseball.  That’s despite A-rod giving his batting glove to a kid.  It’s true, nobody seems to care who’s in first.  All everyone in the sport media world seems to care about is Greg Hardy’s reduced suspension and Jason Pierre-Paul, and his $40 Million hand, that is now missing a finger.  That being said, note that it’s the $40 million that seems to be getting the attention, as opposed to the reality this this man is now without his finger.  There do not seem to be any news messages about how children need to be careful, adults too, for that matter, when they are attempting to light fireworks.  There are also no sentiments sharing empathy or mention of how horrific it must feel to be in such pain, and suffer residual affects.  Seriously, waking up without a finger is probably not something anyone takes lightly.  Yet, there do not seem to be any  ’Get Well’ tweets hitting the trends.  That’s likely due to the harsh reality that this [NFL] is a, and to quote Steve Serby, from the NY Post [7/9/2015], “cruel business.  You get what you can-for all the blood you spill and bones you break and brain cells you have jostled – while the getting is good.  Loyalty is not a two-way street and all that.”

While Jason Pierre-Paul is not in the MLB, he is making news. This Defensive end, which plays for the New York Giants and happened to suffer an injury from a fireworks incident, is making all the headlines in the middle of summer.  A fireworks accident is the cause of the injury.  At least that’s what the public’s been told the injury is from, but who knows, come Monday there might be some other story surfacing.  It’s not that we have not seen NFL stories evolve and grow stranger with time, so why not this one?  It’s probably best to take things with a ‘grain of salt’ for now, because who knows what the future holds, when it comes to the NFL, and the stories of their players taking twists and turns.

What we do know is that besides Jason Pierre-Paul sustaining the injury, and not wanting the New York Giants representatives involved with medical discussions, someone leaked something because Jason’s medical chart ended up being tweeted out by Adam Schefter.  Before we begin to think it was someone other than Jason Pierre-Paul who gave permission to Adam to tweet it, we may want to sit tight and just allow the dust to settle.  Everyone seems to be so focused on wondering if it was legal for Adam Shefter to tweet this information to the world.  Yet, nobody knows who leaked it, and so truly it’s a whole lot of talk about all everyone does not know, and a whole lot of ‘What ifs.’

Sadly, most of the media buzz seems JPP’s more than probable financial ramifications, as opposed to the tragedy itself.  No ‘breaking news’ about how one should not try this at home if you’re a kid, and all that.  It’s all about the money.  Sometimes I wonder if some of us ever take a moment to examine the example we set to children.  Most in the media seems focused on the money, rather than racing to do any Public Service Announcements sharing about how one could lose a finger ya da ya da ya da.  Then again, maybe everyone is supposed to know this but some kids truly do look up to these guys, so by now there probably should be something done, to let kids know that it’s probably not a good idea to try to attempt to do fireworks unless you’re a trained professional.

What else everyone should probably know, and may not is that one’s medical records should be confidential, right?  If that were the case, then why would Adam Schefter tweet Jason’s hospital chart for the entire world to see?  Well, as many sports reporters talk about the ‘what ifs’ I’m going to wait until Monday, before I waste time on any ‘legal analysis’ because chances are that we will learn that Adam Scheffer was granted permission from JPP’s camp to share that chart, and if that’s the case, it’s as though we will have wasted our time talking about ‘what ifs’  when we could have been talking about who’s on first.  By the way, the Tigers are up 6-0, and if I end here, there’s still time to catch the rest of the game.

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Michelle has been a sports writer and analyst for many years. Now, as host of Neutral Court, sponsored by In The Zone, Michelle brings a new sports topic to the debate floor with each episode.
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