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‘Jersey Girl’ Carli Lloyd tops the trends this weekend

Women’s World Cup Match-Ups Top the Weekend Trends with #SheBelieves and #USAvsJapan

Did you happy to watch the action that took place in Vancouver last night.  The glorious celebration that occurred around the nation, in celebration of the U.S. Women’s team winning the World Cup was surely a great way to cap off the weekend celebration of our nation’s birthday.  Congrats goes out to the entire team, as it managed to change the ending from its, often written about, past results that occurred in 1999.

Carli Lloyd, who happens to be the team captain, and also a Jersey girl scored an impressive three goals in a matter of minutes, shattering records and becoming referred to as #CarliClutch by some of her fans.

Other weekend trends included the not so wonderful moment, when one of the women on England’s team scored a goal, but for the other team.  Although Laura Bassett’s goal which landed in the wrong net, happened last Wednesday, folks were still talking about it on Twitter.  Some thought that the England fans are nicer than American fans, because the tweets that got noticed were tweets expressing support and empathy.  [ In my opinion, the American media tends to look for negativity in America, and fails to report about the awesome support of its own fans.  Just doesn’t make for as good a story, I suppose, if you focus on goodness. ]

#Yanks #Arod

Speaking of goodness, the New York Yankees and A-rod managed to hit the trends with a super deal that would allow one another to meet in the middle, and a charity benefits.  More on that has been written about here at Double G, since the Yanks are right here in Double G’s neighborhood.


Pretty sure the All-Star team was announced but not so sure it made the trends.  If it did, it paled in comparison to #USAvsJapan.  This weekend, truth be told was all about the Women’s World Cup.


Anybody catch that article about the WNBA playoffs?  Chances are most folks will likely say, “What article?”

Chances are I might have missed something.  It was a holiday weekend, and like most Americans I was doing my best to enjoy the celebration of our nation’s birthday.  Catching the festivities and honoring the country that I will always admire and respect.  While so many find fault with America, I love to see the beauty, and that’s how I spent my weekend.  Hope you managed to do the same!

America is Beautiful!  Hope you had a #HappyFourth, too! 


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