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Jet Up – This is the lowest it’s been in a long time

The New York Jets went into Sunday looking to exorcise some “ghosts” against a lowly Miami Dolphins team.  The Dolphins have openly been tanking for next year’s top pick and the Jets came in there like they were prepared to play a high school team.

Unfortunately for them no matter how bad the Dolphins are, they’re still a professional football team.  Adam Gase’s team was not prepared at all, as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for three touchdowns in the first half and the Jets lost the game 26-18.  It was a pathetic performance by both the offense and defense and this is the lowest Jets’ fans have felt in a long time.

Sam Darnold was apart of the two worst plays of the season.  These two plays were a microcosm of everything that’s gone wrong for the Jets.  The first was an interception thrown after a nullified touchdown to Ryan Griffin in the red zone.  On the two yard line, instead of throwing the ball away he threw it into a myriad of Dolphins’ defenders.  Darnold still hasn’t learned to fight another day and has been forcing things all season.

The second play was when the game was pretty much out of reach.  The Jets were starting in their own endzone.  Darnold wasn’t paying attention and let a snap go right off him and into the endzone, where the Dolphins accidentally kicked it out.  Either way, it was a safety that sealed the game and sealed the Jets’ season.

Were the Jets supposed to be good this season?  Not necessarily, but the way that the team has regressed means that Adam Gase is already on the hot seat.  Gase has done nothing to prove that he was the right choice for Head Coach, and owner Christopher Johnson has proved that he can’t properly run a football team.

Sam Darnold has regressed immensely, Le’Veon Bell is being wasted at running back and the Jets’ defense is quite terrible.  Jamal Adams talks a lot for someone who can’t stop the Dolphins, the worst offensive team in the league.  This game was supposed to get the Jets back on track.  Instead, it’s completely unraveled them.


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