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Jets Football: Can It Be? The End Of The Curse

Article by Double G Sports Jets writer, Mike Mitolo.

Long suffering Jets fans might have asked themselves this question maybe only once as lifers. During the magical season, which at halftime of the 1998 AFC championship game found Gang Green outplaying the Denver Broncos and taking a 10-0 lead into the 3rd quarter, already knowing the Falcons had defeated the Vikings in a shocker, fans began salivating.

The fans were remembering the 28-3 regular season whipping handed to the Falcons. It was all set up, the Jets were going to “The Show” and winning it! But like many times before, it wasn’t meant to be.

The Marino “Fake Spike”, The A.J. Duie game, Doug Brien, these are the thoughts that first entered my mind as I made my way through the New Meadowlands Stadium for the first time, ever. As I looked around trying to take everything in, it hit me, “Could it have been the old GIANTS Stadium all along?”

Could it be this simple? A building? Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of the old stadium, but if it really is the “reason” for all the bad luck for over 40 years, I’ll take a Lombardi trophy over nostalgia any day of the week.

Fast forward 11 years later to this Monday night in Foxboro. Forget what the critics, news outlets, sportscasters, prognosticators, and “NFL experts” are all saying.

The New York Jets need to win this game!

No moral victories or getting close. A clear-cut definite win is the only option. If this happens, bring on the Steelers.

This time Herm and Dick Curl will be safely out of the way, watching at home, a Jet victory, propelling the team to 12-2 and bringing Jet Nation that much closer to forgetting old Giants Stadium, the demons of the past and over 40 years of desperation.


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