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Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles Wants Brandon Marshall to Improve Speed By Losing Weight

Brandon Marshall, No. 15 (Gary Hershorn/Associated Press)

Brandon Marshall, No. 15 (Gary Hershorn/Associated Press)


Apparently there is an athlete in New York that needs to lose weight. Any guesses?

If you said Bartolo Colon, you would be wrong. The correct answer is Brandon Marshall, believe it or not.

Marshall, who will be 32 years old this season, was informed by Todd Bowles that he should be under 230 pounds all season.

“I got down to 230 last year but for the past five years my average (has) been around 234, 235. But he said, ‘Brandon you were so fast in Miami. That’s what I want you at,'” said Marshall who had 1,502 receiving yards last season in his first year with the Jets.

Marshall has always used size to his advantage as he stands at 6’ 4”. But now he is north of thirty years of age so Bowles thinks it is time to make a small change in Marshall’s game.

It is only natural that players get slower over time. As Marshall said, he already dropped a few pounds going into last year and that clearly payed off. Marshall and Bowles are hoping that the same logic will apply for this season.

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