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Jets Set To Fly By The Steelers Steel Curtain

This article was written by DGS contributing writer, Alan McPhaul III. The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers battle on Sunday for the right to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. The game will be play at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Author: Alan McPhaul III

What a game last week in Foxboro, where the New York Jets beat the New England Patriots, 28-21. Another great game was the Steelers and Ravens where the Steelers were able to pull out a tough victory, 31-24, due to a spectacular second half.

Now we are set to see the conference championship with the Jets facing the Steelers which should prove to be a good one.

Ohhh man, what a change in the tone this week for the Jets facing the Steelers. Last week they couldn’t keep their mouths shut, engaging the Patriots in ferocious trash talk and some went as far as to send out expletives and threats.

Now when the Jets open their mouths all you hear are respectful words for the Steelers. Are the Jets losing their marbles and all of their balls?

I don’t think so. I believe last week there were a lot of emotions involved with the Jets being written off against the Patriots; as well as, the blowout the Patriots handed to the Jets a few weeks before their playoff match-up. The Jets felt disrespected because no one took into consideration their outstanding defense, and their offense that seems to be coming together quite nicely.

New York has now knocked out the Colts and the Patriots, both having arguably the two best quarterbacks in the league, and have knocked the monkey off of their shoulder.

Now they are all set to take on the so-called Polar Bear, Big Ben Roesthlisberger and the excellent Steelers’ defense. They called the Baltimore Ravens and Steelers game a heavy weight battle. This must be the super heavyweight title with Rex Ryan facing Mike Tomlin for Rex’s first chance at a Superbowl title as a head coach.

I believe these two teams are matched up pretty well, with both teams pride and joy being their outstanding and hard nosed defensive play.

Now what will make or break this game is once again quarterback play. Mark Sanchez had a spectacular game last week outplaying Tom Brady. Sanchez had 3 touchdowns, no interceptions and went 16 for 25 with 196 yards. That’s efficient quarterback play by Sanchez. The MVP quarterback Tom Brady played very well, but not good enough to give his team the victory.

In fact, Brady’s stat line last week (29 for 45 with 299 yards and 2 touchdown, 1 interception) is quite similar to the game Big Ben had against the Ravens (19 for 32 with 226 yards and 2 touchdowns). This could be a good sign for the Jets, even though they have only the most respectful words for Big Ben.

The Jets aren’t saying this but I will, if they are able to slow down both Payton and Brady, I know they can stop Big Ben. The only thing the Steelers have on offense that both the Patriots and Colts did not is a capable running threat in Rashard Mendenhall.

New York has not faced a defense like Pittsburghs yet in the playoffs, and their offense will have a tough task trying to cut through the steel curtain. But if the Jets are able to get another quality game out of Sanchez and few to no turnovers by the offense, they have a great chance to making it to the Super Bowl.

Despite the lack of harsh and arrogant words we are all use to hearing by the Jets, I know they are all set to fly by the steel curtain. It might not be the prettiest game, football is a sport that can get ugly, but let me spell it out for you; J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!


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