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John Cena Returns to Ring

With the slew of injuries that has occurred over the past few months and the fans deeming it as the WWE “Curse” many of the wrestlers that saw that fate are now making a comeback. We have seen the return of Cesaro, Seth Rollins and now, wait for it….. John Cena.

Cena has picked the perfect day out of the year (after Independence Day of course) to make his long awaited return. WWE’s golden boy will make his long awaited return on Memorial Day. How patriotic of him. Of course Cena will get a raucous welcome back chant, but I feel that his return is too close to Seth Rollins’s return. They really could’ve milked Seth’s return for a month before Cena came back to the scene.

I don’t know where Cena fits in with the current roster, many things have changed since he has been out. You have many hungry main eventers on the roster, who aren’t going to let anyone take their spot.

However, that could make for some amazing rivalries that Cena has not had the luxury of partaken in. For instance his rivalry with Kevin Owens really helped to define a different, much more aggressive side of Cena that many people hadn’t seen in years.

John has been making the rounds, advertising his comeback. Monday morning, Cena will be on the Today show. With Cena coming back in the midst of the brand split announcement, who knows what WWE has in store him.

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