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Kevin Durant to the Big Apple?

Kevin Durant has been alleged to have one foot out of the door all season. Almost no one believes he will remain with the Golden State Warriors next season. In fact, many New York Knicks fan have bought into the idea that Durant will be en route to the Big Apple. Rumors of secret meetings and discussions with a fellow star, Kyrie Irving, have caused fans to speculate about Durant’s arrival. While the season is not quite over yet, it may be premature to start photo-shopping Durant into a Knicks jersey.

Durant will be heavily sought in the Off Season

There is a reason why Knicks fans want Durant. He is one of the best players in the League, currently averaging 26.1 points per game along with 6.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists. Shooting a very efficient 52% from the field,  his height and length make his shot is incredibly difficult to stop. Additionally, especially with his time with Golden State, he developed into a top tier defender at his position, averaging 1.1 blocks a game. Durant is an MVP, a scoring champion, a two-time champion, and two time Finals MVP.

All the above being said, Durant has the pedigree to make any team a contender. For that very reason, there will be many teams that will be seek Durant’s services this summer. To that end, New York’s front office will have to make a compelling argument to reel Durant in. However, New York may have an advantage over other teams.

Speculation Points to Durant wanting New York

Financially, the Knicks can get him here. By trading away half the team in the Kristaps Porzingis trade, the Knicks freed themselves $70 million for next season. Of course, those funds will likely be used to bring in two All-stars, but there is certainly enough there to make Durant a substantial offer. Money likely won’t be a problem. Convincing Durant to choose New York over somewhere like the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers is the problem. Still New York could offer him something that he will want: legacy.

It is no secret that Kevin Durant has be received backlash in past years for his decision to join the Warriors back in 2016. Fans have even hailed him as the man that ruined the NBA. While Durant may have wanted to embrace the villain role at first, it has been increasingly clear that he is ready to shed that status. Coming to New York could do just that.

The Impact that Durant’s move would have on the League.

New York recently traded away its best player. The team hasn’t seen the playoffs since 2013. This season, they have the worst record in basketball and the worst record in team history. On the other hand of the spectrum is the Warriors, whose very existence has thrown the NBA out of balance. However, if Durant left possibly the best team in the League for the worst team in the League, he would no longer be the man that ruined the NBA. Rather, he could possibly be the person to restore balance to this League. The prospect of such a move would certainly help fix Durant’s tarnished reputation.

There is another consideration here. If the Knicks drafted Zion Williamson and got another star alongside Durant, there is no telling the long-term effect it will have on the League. Of course, the League has never seen a team like the Warriors. However, the League has also never seen the Knicks possess this must star power. It is entirely possible that with Kevin Durant leading the way, especially considering he is still in his prime, the Knicks could be at the helm of a new paradigm shift.

In Conclusion

With the NBA season coming to a close, Durant’s focus will likely be on the playoffs. He’s probably not thinking about the Knicks right now. However, regardless if Durant wins another championship or not, his focus will turn to his next destination. Given the opportunity to fix his reputation and of course all the money he could get, there is worthwhile argument that Durant could find his way to the Garden next season.

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