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Knicks disaster: New York problems arose from the refusal to Anthony Davis

For the New York Knicks, it is another disastrous start to the season. The defeat against Philadelphia is the latest in a series of failures for the Knicks. The lack of success is particularly problematic in terms of attracting free agents. Let’s look at Anthony Davis as an example.

Failure to land the Big Man

Davis expressed interest last year in finding a new home. The situation in New Orleans had devolved, and Davis looked outward. His interest pointed him at two teams: the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Steve Mills and Scott Perry said they had given up the chance to take to the high price demanded by the New Orleans Pelicans. What was the result? Davis chose the Lakers and the Knicks were left with no stars. Now, the Lakers are the best team in the West and the Knicks are at the bottom of the East. The Knicks chose their young players over established talent. Yet, the team seemed more than willing to part ways with Kristaps Porzingis by trading him to the Mavericks in February. The long term effect is that the Knicks have nothing on par to build on in the near future.

Risk all the management

The Knicks’ long-term plan was not a bad idea, but should have been completed with the inclusion of established players. Of all the players available such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Knicks failed to land a single one. Now the Knicks have no choice, but to rely on their young talent once again. RJ Barrett, the newest Knick, started his rookie year well by showing some flash of the player he can become. Mitchell Robinson has the chance of being a starting center if he can fix avoid foul problems. Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina can at least find themselves to be reliable members of the rotation. Yet, none of these players at the moment appear to be to be of the same caliber as a player like Davis. The Knicks have no “star power” to rebuild a team. They have been lacking such prowess since Carmelo Anthony was traded Oklahoma City Thunder. The Knicks have opted for long-term reconstruction, but who knows if Mills and Perry will still be leading the team to complete it.

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