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Knicks Fate in 2018 Relies on the Defensive End

In light of the Phil Jackson era coming to an abrupt end this summer, Knicks fans cheered for what seems like a new beginning. But before we can start talking about the future, let me quote a song lyric from 90′s rock band Papa Roach.. “The scars remind us that the past is real”.

Seem significant?

I say this because the Knicks past is most certainly real, and will directly affect the team’s immediate production.

The Knicks have been a circus act, with a 80-166 record to show for while under Phil Jackson. Ultimately, the team has allowed for Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony to take their talents elsewhere. For both players, the preference was more like anywhere!

Rose and Melo would never of been able to fit their offensive game into an archaic triangle offense that Jackson so desperately pushed on the franchise. Because of this and countless other variables, the Knicks now have to make up what was essentially 40 points a night from Melo and Rose combined. Who do they have to do that? None other then Enes Kanter of course!

Obviously kidding!

It seems more then likely that offensive production may be down in New York for the 2017-18 season. Hopefully, there is one way to combat this storm, or at least until some new scoring pieces are acquired.. Defense! Defense!

If the Knicks do not become at least “sound” on the defensive end this season, we could potentially be in for one of the worst Knicks seasons in franchise history.

The good news is picking up on the defensive end is very much in the cards. One thing Kanter will give you is an inside presence. Combine this with the sheer length and athleticism of Porzingis, and New York has a chance to be a shot blocking and rebounding force.

As far as the offensive end is concerned, its going to depend deeply on how Kristap Porzingis is shooting the ball that night. The Knicks need to certainly change their offensive mentality. More movement, passing, and less 1 on 1 would be a good start. Yet, its on the offensive side where this rebuild truly begins.

The Knicks certainly have a small mountain to climb before being considered a player in the East once again. Knicks fans will still come out to games regardless, and the way to keep them there is a grit and defensive presence. If that isn’t there, paper bags over the heads of Knicks faithful most certainly will be.

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Sam is a College Basketball Analyst here at A former Division II collegiate basketball player himself, Sam is the broadcast personality of Queens College Sports Network "QCSN"
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