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Knicks fire Steve Mills. Will more heads roll?

In an unsurprising turn of events, the Knicks fired Steve Mills as of Tuesday morning. Mills was appointed as President of Basketball operations back in 2017. However, his tenure with the team was a disappointing one, as the Knicks remained at the bottom of the league. Earlier this year, the team parted ways with head coach, David Fizdale. The proverbial heads were expected to roll, with Mills or Scott Perry being on the chopping block next. After many months, the ax fell and the team parted ways with Mills.

Poor Leadership and Poor Results

As mentioned, this move was on the horizon for the better part of the season. The team has seen little success due to questionable decision making. The most notable being trading the team’s best player, Kristaps Porzingis, in hopes of signing two major free agents. However, New York failed to land a single All-Star, causing an uproar among fans. The promise of the season was the team would rally in spite of lacking a star player. Yet, that has been a broken promise, leading fans to point at poor leadership.

Thus far, it seems that Scott Perry will continue to remain in his role as general manager. He assumed the position alongside Mills in 2017. Yet, Perry shouldn’t get too comfortable. The team is not doing much better and fan support continues to dwindle. Most recently, MSG cheered for team owner, James Dolan, to sell the team. There are no reports that he has looked into that option. However, more changes could be on the way for the Knicks, which fans should anticipate.

Looking Ahead

The Knicks front office has been horrendous for years now. For a short period during Carmelo Anthony’s tenure with the team, the Knicks looked like they were finally on the right track. However, bringing in Phil Jackson launched a flurry of poor choices, leading to the team’s present struggles. All along the front office has remained at the helm, ever demonstrating itself as an obstacle to the team’s overall success. The entire franchise has been withering away from the top down, and a mass cleansing may be the only way to fix the problem.

Fans have been calling for Dolan to sell the team for years now, and they are not wrong. The Knicks leadership simply has no idea how to win. Simply replacing Mills won’t be enough, as the franchise has proven that they don’t who to hire or appoint.  Thus, to ensure a true change, the Knicks need a clean sweep of the current regime in order to start fresh. If not, the team may remain in mediocrity, unable to make the necessary changes in order to turn the franchise around.

In Conclusion

Through the season, the Knicks have solidified that they are a team in chaos. Poor organizational structure and a lack of dynamic movements has left the team stagnant and defeated. As the dust settles, fans will have to see if the Knicks will take the opportunity to shift the team’s culture for the better. However, until the front office goes through a true cleansing, it’s unlikely that a new horizon will be on the way for this franchise.

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