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Knicks name Leon Rose as New President

As of Monday morning, the New York Knicks officially filled the franchise’s presidential vacancy with Leon Rose. The move comes on the heels of the Knicks parting ways with former President of Basketball Operations, Steve Mills. Mills went on to assume other duties in the MSG operation, leaving General Manager, Scott Perry, to guide the ship. By bringing on Rose, the dust has settled on this chapter of the Knicks story and the team is free to look to the future. What exactly can fans expect, though?

Check the Credentials

Rose is not a newcomer to the basketball world. He brings 25 years of industry experience, formerly an attorney and most recently an agent for the CAA sports division. In that role, he helped players, such as Frank Ntilikina, get paid. Ntilikina was vocal about his former agent, calling him a “good guy” and vouching for his desire to see the team do well. Rose’s other notable past and present clientele include former Knicks superstar, Carmelo Anthony, Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and LeBron James (who is currently signed with Rich Paul). With an experienced eye for talent, Rose seems like a good fit for the team that has struggled to bring in All-stars.

Not Wasting any Time

Almost as soon as he was officially appointed, Rose made sure to address the fans and let them know exactly what to expect.

“For the remainder of the season,” Rose stated. “I will work tirelessly behind the scenes while evaluating every aspect of the organization.”

Rose went on to state his support for current coach, Mike Miller, while also noting the team’s potential. The new Knicks President highlighted the fact that the Knicks currently have seven first round picks over the next four years, which the team will use to continue to bolster its roster. He emphasized the importance of building a winning culture, while also balancing fan expectations.

“Nothing about this is easy,or quick,” Rose said. “[S]o I ask for your continued patience.”

Rose is no fool. He knows that fans have been hungry for victory after years of missing the playoffs. The clear hope is that his expertise will facilitate the kind of winning culture that will lead to long term success.

Interim Expectations

An official press conference has not been announced as of this morning to address the power shift in the organization. However, Rose is expected to begin working as soon as possible, which will include attending one of the Knicks’ upcoming games. With the team currently sitting as the 14th seed in the East, chances are that the Knicks will not be breaking into the playoffs this season. Yet, with Rose at the helm, the team will likely be setting their sights on this summer in hopes of drafting high once again and possibly making a worthwhile free agent signing.

In Conclusion

Rose has never been in a role such as this. He will need some room to grow on his part. However, his experience has the potential to translate into strong signings and long term success for the battered organization. There are no signs of whether or not more heads will role with the Knicks. What’s clear, though, is that the franchise is officially heading into a new era. Only time will tell if it will be for the better or worse.

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