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Knicks Sign Allonzo Trier to Two-Year Contract

From undrafted talent to fan favorite, Allonzo Trier quickly etched his way into the hearts of Knicks fans. Playing in his first season in the NBA, Trier’s offensive production has been a ray of hope for the New York Knicks. On Thursday, the Knicks decided that Trier had earned himself a permanent spot on this roster. That being said, Trier put pen to paper and signed a two year contract with New York for $7 million. Simultaneously, the Knicks also decided to part ways with another fan favorite, Ron Baker.

What Trier Brings to the Table

This signing should be far from a surprise. The young rookie has made a splash in several games for the Knicks already this season. Trier is currently averaging 11.3 points a game while shooting 47 percent from the field and 39.1 percent from the three point line. He’s even given fans a few highlight plays, approaching games with an attack mode mentality, which fits well into the new culture that New York is trying to develop.  On the other side, Ron Baker, who only averaged 3.3 points per game for his career, was known as a hustle player. Though his output was lacking, fans liked his hard nose approach to the game. However, the front office decided that Trier, and not Baker, would fit better into the team’s long term plans.

Trier v. Baker

These moves do not necessarily ensure that the Knicks will be heading to the Finals this season. Yet, this is still a positive step. As much as Ron Baker was liked, he did not give the team a huge lift. By signing Trier, the Knicks are proving a new found commitment to an aggressive offensive mindset. Trier’s skill set plays into the idea that New York will be looking to approach the game from a quicker and more intensive standpoint.

While Baker’s hustle cannot be forgotten, the team is clearly more interested in building a solid offense at this point. Coach David Fizdale is likely sad to see one his guys go. However, he has to do his job and execute the plan that New York has right now. That plan involves Trier, not Baker. If Trier has shown anything, it’s that he is a player who can be an aggressive offensive option. That is likely the reason the team decided to sign him.

The Long Game

Thus far in the season, the Knicks have achieved little success, only winning eight games at this point. David Fizdale has made sure to give players like Trier enough breathing room to operate, even if the team is losing. Of course, with a team comprised of young players, the plan has yet to yield much fruit. Simply said, however, the team needs to worry about scoring buckets, which is exactly what Trier provides. Determining the immediate success of this signing will unfold over the course of the season, but it seems clearer and clearer that New York is playing the long game.

In Conclusion

Fans get excited to see a young player like Trier attack the defense. His style of play fits right into the new culture that the Knicks are building. The front office is likely getting tired of the lack of production by their players. Though it may seem harsh, the team is looking to trim the fat and make sure that they remain competitive. While New York is still looking for their footing, this a move that sets a path for the future. With the right execution, the Knicks may one day enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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