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Knicks Win The Third Overall Pick In The 2019 Draft Lottery

Knicks miss out on Zion in a wild series of events.

The New York Knicks have officially secured the 3rd overall pick in the upcoming draft via the Draft Lottery. With all eyes on Zion Williamson, all teams were vying for the number one overall pick in the hopes of landing a player of his caliber. However, it was David Griffin and the New Orleans Pelicans who ended up taking home the first overall pick. In the post-lottery interview, Griffin suggested that he and his team would have to do a lot of work before making a selection. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be a single member of the media who believes that Zion Williamson will not be the first overall pick.

Do the Knicks have any hope?

With the third overall pick, the Knicks are not necessarily dead in the water. While it is unlikely that they will land Williamson, there is still a small possibility that they do. Even if they don’t there is still plenty of top tier talent the Knicks can choose from  such as Ja Morant, RJ Barrett, and Cam Reddish. These players may not have the clout that Williamson obtained during his solo college career, but they each have the potential to turn into elite basketball players. Moreover, the order of the draft does not necessarily determine a player’s career. All NBA fans should remember that Michael Jordan went 3rd in the draft back in 1984. Using that as a guiding light,  there is a chance that this may work out in New York’s favor.

In Conclusion

While this may seem like a defeat to many New York fans, the reality of the matter is that anything can happen. There is 1/3 chance that that the Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies pass up on Williamson, leaving the Knicks to pick him. Even if they do select him prior, the team can still draft a worthwhile player that can help turn the franchise around. Thus, in the coming months prior to the draft, the front office will have to do their homework on who will help fit this team the best.

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