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Kristaps Porzingis - NYK (Sporting News)

Kristaps Porzingis – NYK (Sporting News)

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the question every athlete should ask themselves before they type out 140 characters or less and press send. No matter what you say, there are always people at the ready to screen shot and share anything and everything of remote interest you send out.

The struggles of the New York Knicks organization over the past decade have been well documented, and Kristaps Porzingis was as fed up and frustrated as anyone involved. He apparently had had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands by neglecting the exit meeting his boss requested with all the players at seasons end.

Knicks fans know that Porzingis is the man the team needs to be building around and it would be especially wise for management to keep him non-resentful to the organization. So far they haven’t done a great job.

This past weekend when a tweet was sent out by the Knickerbocker that read this:


Knicks fans had to be a bit worried.

Now, when Knicks fans got a look at that, they immediately assume the worst. They think to themselves, “Holy crap, has this organization truly screwed up in the worst way? It only took them two years to screw up the best draft pick they’ve had since Patrick Ewing. The thought that he wants to be a Los Angeles Clipper is also stomach turning….”

Porzingis has publicly come out since then and stated that his Twitter account had been hacked, and that Twitter is looking into the matter. He even went so far as to tweet out his recently used emoji’s. While there was no smiley without teeth, the middle finger emoji seems to be a frequent flyer, coming in as his third most used emoji. Or maybe the 21-year-old had an alternative motive and made a honest drunk mistake. Who really knows?

Here’s another theory: The tweet went out at about 8 p.m. EST which equates to about 2 a.m. his time overseas. The tweet was also sent out to the world on May 5th, which is famously known as Cinco De Mayo. During this time, fiestas and cerveza’s are generally enjoyed by those over the legal drinking age. The plot thickens…

In addition, there has been somewhat of a connection, either in person or simply just over social media, between the New York big man and American glamour model Abigail Ratchford. I did mention that Porzingis is 21, right? And you’ve seen what Abigail Ratchford looks like, right? Perhaps he meant to send the message as a direct one, or more commonly known as “sliding into her DM’s” (which he has tried to do in the past). I wouldn’t blame him.

Either way, I hope the Knicks get their act together and soon before they drive him away for good. If that happens, the next emoji coming from his Twitter will be of an airplane and a wave goodbye.

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