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Las Vegas Raiders Describe Fines As “Draconian”

Las Vegas Raiders have received the harshest fines in the National Football League this season following COVID-19 violations.

The NFL has fined the Raiders $500,000 and head coach Jon Gruden $150,000 for “repeat offenses” against protocol. In addition to the fines, the Las Vegas Raiders will lose a 2021 sixth-round pick.

“The fines are draconian. But we will appeal them. Outside the organization, people have the wrong impression about the Raiders. We take it seriously. It’s unfortunate that certain things outside the protocol are the things being focused on, rather than the positive steps we’ve taken as an organization. You’ve been in the building. You’ve seen it.” – Las Vegas Raider Head Coach Jon Gruden, told ESPN

The Raiders are the most fined team in the NFL, bringing the teams total to $800,000, $1.05 million (Gruden’s fines included) and $1.21 million players fines included.

If the Raiders continue down this path they will continue to be fined by the NFL. 

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