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LeBron James Praises Barack Obama’s Walk-Off Gym Shot

LeBron James doesn’t make it a secret that he is a huge Barack Obama fan. Now it appears they share something in common when it comes to walk-off shots. A video of Obama draining a corner 3-pointer at a gymnasium is going viral on social media on Saturday evening.

Obama made the shot and posted the video to his Twitter account. It appears to be a final message to get everyone to go out and vote if you haven’t already.

James took to Twitter to express his pleasure of not just the shot but of the message behind it. James took to Twitter saying “Now you just showing out now my friend!! That’s what you do huh?? Ok ok, I see. All cash!”

Just on Friday, James and Obama appeared on the latest episode of the Shop, to drive home the message of voting in this presidential election. With so much early voting taking place around the nation, James and Obama’s message is definitely reaching the masses. You can check the entire Shop episode below.



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